5 most incredible ways to start blogging and make money online

Make money online , It is seen by some as an easy way to earn more money from home . For people who have passion for writing, they can transform it into a career. To earn more money from home 

One of the best ways in which writers can make good money is to start a blog and try out different ways to make good money through blogging. By entering into blogging you can easily make your writing an accessible and a legitimate means of making good money


However, you can find countless blogs but only few of these manage to get success. The basic reason is simple they do fail to try the time tested approach of blogging and hence miss out the ways of making money through blogs. So what are the ways you can make your blog the best means to be successful money making machine rather than mere a blip over the cyber space? Make money online needs to be an effort multiplier

Now, let’s check some of the 5 incredible ways of starting a blog and making money online as under:

1). Getting started- create your blog

To start making money through blogging, the first thing you need is to create your own blog. For this you would need an appropriate hosting website. Some of these include WordPress, Bloggers, Tumblr, etc. which can help you get a free space for your blog. All these platforms cater highly customizable formats, which can help in designing your blog the way you want. If you are a tech savvy person then using a number of video tutorials you can make much better and smarter kind of blogs. You can even have your own paid space to start your blog rather than relying over the free hosting sites.

2). Creating a Niche

In order to make your blog unique, you need an interesting niche. Avoid considering too generic kind of issues like politics since there are countless of political blogs hence create some specific idea based blogs, which can help you in targeting some specific crowd. Once you are able to embark with such kind of blogs, you will gradually develop a good reader base, which will keep on expanding. Also, choosing a niche, which happens to be your passion is also a good idea as it will become a fun thing, which you would certainly going to enjoy while guest blogging.

3). Maintain high quality

Quality matters a lot when it comes to blogging. So better take your own time to develop flawless blog posts. If your posts are pitted with spelling and grammatical errors your readers are likely to lose serious readers. Hence before you finally publish your post make sure you review it and make necessary changes that cater the best to your readers. Apart from quality, putting value in your blog post is vital in creating a good blog; this will end up giving something to the people. Hence make them laugh, inspire them and make your readers feel that they have earned something by reading out your blog posts.

4). Getting connected

Once you create your blog you also have to build a community, which means that you have to make your blog accessible to add certain comments, ask people for their feedback, motivate the guest posts if possible, etc. All these things would help you in connecting with people with your writing and compel them to return to your blog time and again. You may get certain negative feedback or comments, but it shouldn’t deter you, the best way to deal with them is to manage them positively. These comments can be rare but you should not fear them or hesitate to deal with.

5). Marketing to make money online

To start making money online through your blog, you are supposed to market it. The best way to do is to create quality article, which can be easily searched by readers. Another best way to promote your blog is to adopt certain search engine optimization techniques, which can help your blog to become more visible over a number of search results over sites like Google, Yahoo or Bing. 

Once you get tangible traffic then only your doors to make money online would increase. You can then leverage on certain important ways to make money through your blogging. Some of the popular options to make money over blogs are Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing programs, writing reviews for different products and services, publishing e-books, online consultation, selling your own products and services, etc.

Final word

Creating a blog can be an easy thing, however, making it par with quality and backed with good reader base you need efforts then only you can make money through it. The above are some of the best ways in which you can make your blog capable to make money through Social Media Marketing. 

About the author: Alyisa is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on business and technology. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on IBDIA attracted her attention. 


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