Why Your Guest Posts Keeps On Getting Rejected

If you want to be seen and heard within the confines of the world wide web, then you have to market your website using different methods. Internet marketing is essential if you want to attract clients, gain traffic and increase online visibility and there are many strategies that you can do to achieve it all. One of those effective marketing tactics is guest posting, but what is it anyway? Guest posting is a technique that's used by bloggers and Internet marketers alike which is an excellent strategy that would generate traffic, gain clients and connections with others as well. 

Guest posting is a technique

Both parties would certainly benefit from guest posting which is why a lot of people are trying their hand at guest posting. However, not everyone is successful at getting their articles published. Guest posting will only be effective if it's done right because one wrong move can lead it straight to the SPAM folder or worse, on the trash bin.

You have to observe your approach towards guest posting because you might be doing some of these things that hinders your chances of getting your articles published.

You're new to guest posting
Not everyone is successful on their first try and it's understandable for some people who are experiencing rejection most of the time. People who recently became guest posters will have a tough time because they still might be unfamiliar with some of its concepts. There's no need to worry about your rough start because you'll get better eventually. You'll be able to create excellent pitches and compelling articles in time, so keep on trying and never give up.

It's entirely promotional
Keep in mind that you're writing a guest post to share ideas, opinions and useful concepts to other people. Not to share some useless article on how useful your products or services can be. As a guest poster, you have to adhere to every single guideline that's been posted on their website or it'll just get ignored. It's always a two way deal because they get free content and you get exposure on their website. It's basically a win-win situation, so better write a fascinating article or get rejected.

The article is full of mistakes
Making mistakes is only natural because this is what makes us human. We're not perfect after all, but mistakes shouldn't be left unchecked especially when writing an article. No person would spend too much time reading an article full of grammatical and spelling mistakes, so it's your responsibility to submit an article without too much blunders. Do everything in your power to present them an error-free article to avoid further problems. 

Your ideas are too common
You need to be creative when pitching your ideas because it might have been written before. There are many people who are getting rejected in the very first step and you might want to take it up a notch if you want to get considered to write for them. Whatever niche you're writing for, you need to do some research on their website and come up with fresh and interesting ideas which would certainly get any webmaster interested. It might take a while, but you'll think of something good in time.

It's plagiarized
Plagiarism is a serious crime that you'll commit as a writer because copying another person's work and claiming it as your own is just plain stealing. Do not take webmasters for fools because have their own methods of checking plagiarized articles and you'll never get away without consequences. If you get caught red handed, not only will your article get rejected, your name would be blacklisted among various websites which could only mean that you're barred from writing for them.

Guest posting might be beneficial, but it's not easy and don't make it even harder for yourself by committing a lot of critical mistakes. You have to improve and develop your skills at guest posting to increase your chances of success. If you get somehow get rejected again, learn from your mistakes and take it as a challenge. Guest posting will take some time to master and you'll be rewarded for every single effort you'll put into it.

Author Bio: Sophia Jennings is a person who spend most of her life writing. She can be mostly seen spending her time writing whether it's at school or at her part-time job as a writer for a UK essay writing company. She does have a social life and it's mostly done online and Twitter is her favorite digital hangout.


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