Top 5 Joomla Templates for your political group or NPO

A streamlined website is the foremost requirement of every organization that wants to be recognized by global population. If you’re from a political background or run a non-profit organization (NPO) then owning a good website should be your topmost concern. 

Well, although there is multitude of web development platforms available in the market, Joomla has emerged as one of the most effective technologies for building appealing and user-friendly websites. Today, through this blog, I’ll be making you familiar with top 5 Joomla templates that work wonders for Joomla powered websites belonging to political groups and Non-profit organizations (NPOs). 

Joomla Template No.1- Shape5 

Top 5 Joomla Templates

If you’re looking forward to revamp your existing government or political website then Shape5 is tailor-made for you. The in-built features and functionalities of this Joomla template are competent in meeting your customized needs to the fullest. 

Installing this template onto your Joomla powered website will aid you in keeping your site updated with the latest tweets. Shape5 comes with an S5 Image News module that rotates through some of the latest blogs/articles on your site in an appealing fade-in and fade-out effect. 

Some of the impressive features of Shape5 Joomla template include 100% tableless CSS, SQL dump facility, 31 module positions, latest dynamic modules, Site Shaper, Fully collapsible module positions, Tool tips enabled, compatible with web browsers including IE7+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari, Opera 9+, Advant, Safari and Chrome. 

Joomla Template No.2- JA Rave 

Top 5 Joomla Templates

If you’re a budding politician planning to set up your Joomla website then JA Rave is the template that’ll deliver you the expected results. As a simple yet elegant Joomla template, JA Rave is competent in meeting the requirements of all types of political groups or government organizations. 

And that’s not all, you can use this template to empower your personal and corporate websites as well. Some of the best in-class features of JA Rave include rich typography, 4 color options, 9 layout options, style support for JA and K2 Comment Component and many more.

Joomla Template No.3- Political 

Top 5 Joomla Templates

If you intend to kick-start your political campaign by building a brand new political news portal, Political is the Joomla template tailor-made for you. Moreover, you may also use this Joomla template to power your latest political blog spot and many other web portals based on politics and governance. 

Equipped with a Business Class format, Political allows you to take your web portal to a brand new level of success. Exclusive features of this Joomla template include surplus styles, multiple layout options, JavaScript effects and many more. 

You may choose from two service packages viz: Political-Full Package available at a price of $79.00 and Quickstart Edition available at a price of $59.00. This Joomla theme comes with extensions including ccNewsletter, JComments and AcyMailing. 

Joomla Template No.4- White Political Candidate

Top 5 Joomla Templates

Yet another Political Joomla template, White Political Candidate is best suited for Joomla websites belonging to political parties. Equipped with excellent documentation, White Political Candidate is easy to install and set up. 

This Joomla template is compatible with Joomla versions from 2.5.0 to 2.5.6. Other noticeable features of White Political Candidate Joomla theme include a comprehensive and easy-to-use admin panel, K2 Component, 2 column layout and Gantry Framework. Software requirements for installing White Political Candidate include:
  • Adobe Photoshop CS+ 
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 8+ or any other relevant php editing software 
  • A suitable ZIP package(WinZip 9+ for Windows and Stuffit Expander 10+ for Mac) 
  • Joomla software version 2.5.4 
Joomla Template No.5- IT Political2

Top 5 Joomla Templates

IT Political 2 is a user-friendly and intuitive Joomla template. It is an ultimate choice of people looking for building their political websites. Some of the awesome features of this Joomla template include 8 custom pages, Joomla 3 compatible, HTML5/CSS3 compatible, black variation ready, 7 template styles, fully responsive, Bootstrap framework ready, Facebook Like Box and Twitter Feeds. 

So that’s it for this post. Hope you’d have loved going through these brilliant Joomla templates that are best suited for politically-inclined web portals. Whether you intend to bring in new additions into your existing website or want to design it from scratch, these Joomla templates/themes would do the work for you. Elegant designs and user-friendly functionalities make these templates a perfect match for every type of web requirement. 

Please don’t forget to drop in your feedback/suggestions within the comments box below. 
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