Killer Web Designing Trends that can Rock you in 2014

The year of 2013 was quite interesting and hilarious in terms of technological development of the web designing industry. Every year the technology keeps maturing and has become the standard trend of web design. 2014 has also many promising features that are getting quite interesting and exciting for the web industry as many new trends seem to be getting its shape in taking the design world to new heights.

Killer Web Designing Trends

Here are a few latest web design trends that can rock you in 2014:

Responsive design:
It is the most critical element for small business websites! Now, any website that is more responsive can get huge mobile traffic and it seems to be outstanding if you have an online business. But, if your website does not have responsive design, it will affect negatively your popularity. The design that is responsive will make websites that fit on a desktop to the screen size of the Smartphone. These designs will best work on tablet, notebooks, desktop-size screen and other elements with cool formats.

Single page websites:
We have seen a great change of it in the past and this year, single page website could gain even more popularity with simplex designs. It is ideally suitable for the site that does not have too much of content to include in various pages. All that is needed is to keep short and simple content that helps attract and grab eyeballs of the visitors.

Larger Fonts:
With these fonts you do not need to write long paragraphs to present your messages. You can do it very simple by giving a single line that is more eye-catching to create positive impact in the user’s mind. Nowadays large fonts have grabbed a wide range of user and they are paying more attention towards it. I hope the year 2014 can give a moment of truth for this technique of web design.

Video Backgrounds:
This is something that was unheard in the past due to the slow internet access that would make it frustrating to have a video in the background. But currently the internet speed has grown faster and now it will work awesome as the speed of the internet has grown faster worldwide. And, many designers are experimenting with videos that could play a supportive role to the content as well the video.

Retina Display & High-Resolution Images:
As you know, it is the image-driven world, so buddy designers are following the most modern concept of using images. Now, the trend is to have images in a website that is large and eye-popping. Keeping it small in terms of the size is very important. One of the best examples is Apple, which has designed vivid pictures of its products with high-resolution images. 

Flat Designs:
It is a known thing that trend never stays constant and is a frequently changing phenomenon. Previously the trend is to have pictures and graphics that are filled with textures and gradients. But, the new trend is to use more minimalist pictures in order to make less distraction to the visitors and to drive focus on the content of the website. Flat design looks very elegant and visually appealing when it is done well along with the graphic design, your website can rock your business!
Author Bio: Amy is in deep passion in writing and sharing tips and tricks to get higher visibility in this web world. Apart from blogging, she teaches web designing course in Chennai to help graduates enrich their career.


  1. Great share.There are tons of things you need consider in designing a website especially if you are considering a SEO friendly site. I agree with point that Nowadays large fonts have grabbed a wide range of user and they are paying more attention towards it.


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