The Top Five Reasons Employees Aren't Happy With Their Jobs

It has been said that if you get a job doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Enjoying your job encompasses more than just picking the right career, however. Here are five reasons employees hate their jobs and what you can do about it.


They Aren't Appreciated by Management
It is easy to tell the difference between workplaces where the management values their employees and those that don't. If employees don't feel that their time and hard work is appreciated or making a difference, you will notice a difference in the number of sick days they take and their productivity. Show your employees you value them with bonuses, office holiday parties and simple words of appreciation. Recognize their accomplishments and make sure they feel appreciated.

Customers Are Often Dissatisfied
While an occasional annoying customer is to be expected, people who have to work with grouchy people every week can quickly become tired of it. First, ensure that your employees are offering excellent customer service. It is important to keep your customers happy by being available to solve their problems and concerns. This may require you to consider hiring employees full time to take care of customer service duties, so other employees have more time to get their needed work done.

The Pay is Lousy
While not every job can pay equally, employees should receive pay in line with their position and their worth. Even if you cannot increase pay across the board, you might consider offering bonuses or rewards for a job well done. Not all business will be able to increase pay, but offering overtime hours can be a great compromise for both sides. Raises and promotions are great incentives as well.

Their Work Space is too Small
It is hard to work efficiently in a cramped and crowded office space. If your employees are all crammed into a tight space, your company has long since grown out of it, suggests professionals who offer office space for lease in Houston. Although sharing desks is okay, your employees can quickly become distracted by someone near them talking on the phone or helping customers. Moving to a bigger office can have a significant impact on the happiness of your employees, as well as your customers.

They Don’t Have the Tools for Success
Employees need more than pens and paper to get their jobs done. They need computers that work quickly and copy machines that do not jam. This is especially important in regards to their ability to take care of customers. Make sure they have the proper training and tools they need to perform their duties the best they can.

While creating a workplace that is inviting for employees is good, it does benefit your company as well. Happy employees call in sick less often, get more work accomplished and submit more quality work. Creating a great work environment benefits not only your employees, but your entire company and your clients as well.


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