Getting your Online Marketing Plan Ready for Valentine’s

It is the season to be jolly, and the best way to make your customers happy during Valentine’s is to improve your online Christmas marketing and adjust it to the Valentine’s holiday cheer. People want to feel the spirit of Valentine’s everywhere they go, and that includes online stores as well. 

If you haven't made any changes to your online marketing, now is the time to start. Otherwise, your customers might find your site outdated and move on to a more dedicated store. But what exactly needs to be done to create the desired experience and Valentine’s shopping atmosphere? Here are a few quick, simple tips to help you get started.

Online Marketing Valentine’s

Plan your promotions on time
Decide what kind of offers you will be having on Valentine’s, but do it before it's too late. Consider offering giveaways, discounts, gifts, or perhaps free shipping. Don't forget to update your search engines as well. 

They also need time to be ready so don't wait until the last minute. Any material you make and publish will only appear in search results a month or two later. Once you have your promotional plan ready and your website optimized, start advertising and watch your sales rise through the roof!

Learn from last season's results
The best way to know what will happen this season is to look up the results and strategies from the previous holiday. Take a careful look at your web analytics and pay attention to the key words that were being used in search engines that led to your website. If they resulted in purchases being made then consider using them for this season. Also remove any less successful product lines as they probably won't change considerably this year.

Add holiday keywords and categories
Since it's Valentine’s, people will be looking for gifts and other products that relate to the holiday. Add these keywords to your list. Another important adjustment is the implementation of categories on your site. 

Getting your Online Marketing Plan Ready for Valentine’s

Save some time for your customers and guide them to products by making categories such as ''Gifts for Girlfriends'', ''Gifts for Wives'', and so on. That way you can sell more products from different categories in one place. Or, if your store sells swimming equipment, for example, then add a category such as ''Gifts for swimmers in love''.      

Take the advantage of social media
Valentine’s is a time when people like to go out but recent studies show that some of them still prefer staying at home, watching TV, and spending time with their loved ones. Statistics show that many couples like to check their social media profiles such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter during Valentine’s. 

This means that your business needs to have a social media presence, if you want to take the advantage of this rare opportunity. Ask fans of your page to share their wish lists or interesting ideas for gifts that include products from your store. 

All in all, there is much work to be done. But creating a successful online marketing campaign doesn't cost much and it will increase profits. The more dedicated you are to creating the perfect Valentine’s shopping experience for your customers the better the outcome will be. Your buyers will be satisfied knowing you care about holiday traditions and will share their positive experiences with others.

This article was written by Katrina Barrow. She writes about email and content marketing, social media, online and digital marketing and creative promotional marketing ideas. Her posts are inspired by new trends and online tips for making your small business grow.


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