Five Safe And Secure Budget Tracking Tools For Your Business

Whether you're establishing an annual budget for your business or trying to stick to it, keeping track of expenses can be a serious hassle. Nowadays, coming in under budget requires the use of advanced software that can tabulate expenses and enable management to make sense of large amounts of data. The following programs are among the best available:

Tools Business


Considered by many to be the gold standard of accounting and budgeting software, QuickBooks is the go-to program for businesses of all sizes. QuickBooks can track sales receipts, record invoices and compute taxes, to name just a few of its many capabilities. Its peerless Excel compatibility makes the preparation of financial statements later on a breeze.

Zoho Invoice

Another bookkeeping heavyweight favored by a broad spectrum of enterprise users is Zoho Invoice. As an all-in-one accounting engine, Zoho has just about every feature you'd want if you're trying to keep a close eye on budget limitations. Zoho is especially good for detecting fraud.


If your business needs QuickBooks functionality on a budget, the 100% free FreshBooks is your best bet. FreshBooks allows SMBs to send and receive payments quickly from one location and mind the books at the same time. Thanks to its superb mobile functionality and sharing features, it's the perfect solution for businesses that are highly cloud-dependent.


In many ways, PlanGuru is the ultimate budgeting software package. Besides enabling businesses to stick to a budget, monitor expenses and process incoming payments, it allows them to forecast future budgets as well thanks to powerful integrated analytics tools. It can flawlessly import data from both QuickBooks and Excel, making the transition process quick and seamless.

Alight Planning Enterprise

Though it may be known more for its financial planning prowess, Alight Planning is just as adept at budget tracking. Alight's robust planning tools can project a variety of future financial scenarios based on shifting interest rates, theoretical growth and probable cash flows. Thanks to thorough documentation and available support, Alight boasts a shallow learning curve despite its great power.

Embezzlement and fraud are more common in the workplace than we like to believe, suggests fraud attorneys Hartley & Pecora, so using safe and secure tools is a must for any business. 

Software tools like those mentioned above can keep any business out of the red. Regardless of the type of business you run, at least one of these robust programs can be of great use for you.


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