SEO in Your Online Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) determines the ranking of your website on search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. For this reasons, most B2C and B2B marketers have plans to increase the SEO budgets owing to the heating up of the competition for online real estate. As a marketer or webmaster, you should have a proper understanding of the best ways of incorporating SEO into your online business. 

The best SEO Tactics for your online business

1. Taking advantage of the free tools by Google 

Web marketers should go to Google Places for business and claim locations for their businesses before suggesting their clients to do the same. The same applies for Google+, which has the ability to influence and does have influence on Google Search. 

A+ 1 is similar to web traffic and link backs in that Google uses it for the determination of sites that people consider important. 

Lastly, they should find the most frequently searched phrases by using the Keyword Tool for Google AdWords after identifying the top search terms that the industry of their clients has for which they want to rank highly in the search results. 

They should ensure that their media advisories and news releases have these words by sprinkling them throughout.

2. Always linking to the homepage of their clients in an email pitch

News websites for outlets have the ability to generate a few of the strongest link backs that their clients need. They should include the names of their clients in their email correspondence that has media contacts in order to increase its chances of being hyperlinked in a story by a reporter. 

3. Never distributing a news release that does not have a hyperlink

Online business owners should take all the opportunities that they have to drive traffic to the websites of their clients through a release that they just email to a media list or one that crosses a newswire in their country. They should use three to four keywords that are hyperlinked for every 400 words. Anchor text is supposed to direct clicks to the most relevant pages within the website of the company.

4. Making the most of the release’s lede that they have

Search engine results usually show only the first 75 to 100 characters of the text in the body. They should ensure that Google describes the release by using the most crucial information that is rich in keywords by starting with it. 

5. Start a blog

A blog is among the best ways of continually updating their sites by using strong keywords. It is possible to share blogs on popular social networks and in effect, this creates a channel for increasing site traffic. In addition, they may get opportunities for guest blogging and these can lead to the generation of powerful link-backs that are available on other sites. 

6. Becoming a best friend to the web developer

Their clients will most likely bring them on to write copies for all pages if they are launching new websites. They should work closely with the web developer in order to take this project much further and see how he/she builds the site to accommodate strong SEO

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