Mad Men Style Marketing: Six Tips That Don Draper Would Approve of

Enter the world of Mad Men, where cigars are seen as a status symbol and champagne runs freely. In  the 1950s, the term 'mad men' was coined by advertisers working on Madison Avenue. While many  thought that advertising in that time was simple dining and wining, iconic advertisements were created,  from Volkswagen to Pan Am, that marketing professionals still reference today.

Don Draper was the advertising guru that everyone in Sterling Cooper wanted to be like. He was suave, smart, and could out drink a sailor. If you are looking to become the Don Draper of your time, these 6 social media marketing tips are sure to stand the test of time.

Mad Men Style Marketing

K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid).
Time and time again, the more elaborate that Don's copywriters tried to make a campaign, the more he  hated it. As a true Renaissance man, Don loved campaigns that were poignant and simple. He realized  that simple campaigns were ones that resonate best with clients.

In one episode, Don was faced with a billionaire playboy that wanted to buy up all television time. And  what for? A game that was supposed to replace baseball. Needless to say, Don nixed the idea in favor  for something that actually made sense for his client.

For social media, calendar marketing is extremely important. Brands need to be aware of what is going  on. Social media can also be time-consuming. We all know that time is valuable: use social media  management platforms to help ensure that you are utilizing your time efficiently.

Just like the 1960s, there are thousands of others that are clamoring to get the attention of your clients. Keep your central message focused--even if it is tempting to go after American Airlines, stay content  with your Mohawk Airlines.

Today's audience has an extremely short attention span. Instead of creating something that is boring,  create something that will encourage someone to say something.

Today, hundreds of social media outlets clamor for our attention. Whether you are marketing custom African American calendars, or high-end sweaters, it is important that your social media marketing is integrated with all of your other marketing efforts. While in the 1960s, there was only print, TV, and  radio, Mr. Draper always ensured that they blended seamlessly.

While we can't all be part of the glamorous advertising life that Don Draper led, these 6 social media  marketing tips are ones that he would be sure to approve of.


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