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Find Your Potential Customers When They’re in Buying Mode - By identifying when your customers are most likely to buy, you can better understand consumer behavior as a whole and make more informed decisions about your online marketing as it relates to eCommerce. 

Because new and returning customers will be buying from you directly, online, you should focus your marketing efforts on websites they’re visiting throughout their paths-topurchase.

Since you’ve already identified which of your competitors are using eCommerce to sell their products and which aren’t, you’ll now need to analyze from where those competitors are receiving their traffic. 

Using Compete PRO’s Incoming Sites feature, you can get a good feel for types of sites your potential customers are visiting before they buy. 

This knowledge is invaluable as you plan your content and advertising strategies and research deeper into reasons why your competitors are getting traffic from the sites they do.

Ecommerce Strategy
Traffic Dashboard
As you’re conducting your investigation, make note of any specific trends in the types of sites that are driving traffic to your competitors. Once you've gathered a list of top traffic sources, you’ll need to understand why those sites are sending traffic.

Explore the sites on your list and think about them in terms of your competition  look for advertisements, affiliate links, partnerships, etc. If, for example, eCommerce businesses in your industry primarily sell products that they don’t directly manufacture or create, take a look at shopping behavior. 

Are potential customers visiting product pages on the manufacturers’ sites before visiting you or your competitors?

If so, this could be a sign that you and/or your competitors aren't providing enough product information, or that consumers are searching for manufacturer coupons. Additionally, looking for coupon or bargain sites in incoming traffic reports is a good way to identify potential partnerships or other opportunities that aren’t yet being thoroughly leveraged by your competitors.



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