Ecommerce Strategy | Benchmark Against Your Competitors

Benchmark Against Your Competitors - Now that you've done your research and investigated your competitors’ eCommerce strategies, you’ll need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry.

By regularly benchmarking yourself against your competitors using competitive intelligence data, you can easily identify traffic that you’re losing to your competitors and keep your program optimized over time. 

As with any business strategy or marketing campaign, your eCommerce platform needs constant improvement to compete. Again, you can monitor this data with the Outgoing Traffic feature in Compete PRO.

The most efficient way to keep tabs on your outgoing traffic as well as your competitors’ is to use the Saved Groups or Custom Category features in Compete PRO. 

Creating a group of the sites in your competitive set allows you to easily compare the referral traffic metrics that you care about and track them over time. 

Additionally, you can opt to receive monthly email alerts highlighting changes in the data for the sites in your Saved Groups. 

Regularly monitoring your competitors can be made even easier with custom-built monthly dashboards, showcasing how you can capitalize on the weaknesses of your competitors. 

Once you've got your outgoing traffic baseline established from current metrics, it will be easier for you to follow yours and your competitors’ progress and find possible improvements on your end that can give you a competitive edge.



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