3 Digital Marketing Tactics to Drive Consumers to Your Door

The era of "one size fits all" small business marketing is officially over! In order to gain an edge over the competition in today’s hyper competitive environment, companies need to have a strong digital marketing plan. While some companies have totally embraced the new online promotional paradigm shift, others are still trying to stick their toe in the fast moving waters. 

Part of the problem is there are so many choices and they all require time and effort to put into action. Business owners and managers require expert guidance. An experienced internet marketing company can assist small businesses with developing and implementing a digital marketing plan.

The majority of consumers can be found online these days. Due to technological advances in cell phone and tablets, more people are able to search for information wherever they may be at the moment. Companies need to know which online strategies have the most potential to attract eager buyers.

Content Marketing
Many companies assume that a basic website explaining the company and the gist of what the business offers for sale is enough information. This is definitely not the case. Consumers are thirsty for lots of information that pertains to them solving a problem, or obtaining something they want. Websites are only one piece of this information puzzle.

A savvy company that wants to dominate their niche can have their marketing company set up an ongoing content marketing plan. The specific types of content used include articles, blog posts, images, videos and reports that all center on providing valuable information to consumers. Companies can utilize one or several types of content.

This content is prepared and distributed to numerous online social media platforms. Additional content can also be added to the business website. Gradually, the content begins driving lots of targeted leads and buyers to the website. Content marketing is also great for establishing authority and trust.

An abundance of smart phones has led to an explosion of marketing directed towards people that want to receive notices while on the go. 

Businesses are finding that they can quickly boost sales by having consumer’s opt-in to a text message list. Text message marketing is similar to email marketing. Consumers choose to provide their phone number and allow the company to send them direct messages about deals, sales and special events. When done properly, businesses see an increase in traffic to websites and physical locations.

Making a business mobile friendly can also include having a mobile version of the website. Most websites were created for larger screens and need to be adopted specifically for easy reading on smaller cell phones.

Search engine optimization is critical to any digital marketing strategy. Google is constantly adjusting its algorithms and businesses need a good SEO marketing company to help them keep up. Business websites need to be tweaked and updated with fresh and engaging content to stay relevant. The placement of highly targeted keywords is practically an art form. 

Smart SEO techniques have been known to turn lagging websites into a niche powerhouse.


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