The 5 Best Tools to Help Track and Measure Your Online Campaign

One of the most important things to do when running an online marketing campaign is to make sure that you track the results of your efforts.
The reason why this is so important is because it’s the only way you’ll improve.

If one particular approach you’re using isn’t getting you the clicks and views you want, then you need to know it so you can try something else.

Here are a few tools that will allow you to do just that.

1-Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the best known online statistics tracker for a reason. You can use it to track the impact of the changes you make in your campaign over time. For example, it will track who’s clicking on your site, and some general information about them. 

It’s easy to install as well since all you need is to add the Google tracking code. If you’re using something like Wordpress, you can use a free extension to add the tracker to your site. It’s important to remember that Google will try to sell you on purchasing all sorts of extras as soon as you sign up, but it’s not strictly necessary that you do this. Analytics has plenty of information for you in its free form.

This tool will give you some unique information to mull over. You can actually track your customers’ activity through video feeds. You can watch a video of them actually surfing your site. The software will also use colors to highlight what they click on. You can use this analysis to figure out “hot spots” and “cold spots” as far as what on your site is attracting attention and what isn’t. 

It’s a useful tool for telling you whether your perceptions about what people like are actually true or not. You might like a particular graphic, but if customers are continually ignoring it or click “back” as soon as it loads, then you know it might me time to try something else.

3-Open Site Explorer
This tool lets you get a listing of everyone who is currently linking to your site. You’ll see incoming links and all of the information about it including the anchor text, the page authority ranking, the domain authority, and so on. You can also see who else the people who link to you are also linking to. This will be useful in helping you see whether they are also linking to your competitors, for example.

4- GetClicky
Getclicky is a great tool for a small business website. It’s especially good for people who are concerned about Google Analytics, since Google has become such a huge corporation now, that many people are worried about the privacy of their data when working with Google. But even beyond that, it can do things that Google Analytics can’t. 

You can actually watch customers navigate your site in real time. You’ll know exactly when they land on a new page, what they click when they get there, every file they download from your page, and exactly when they leave. There’s a Wordpress plugin you can use for GetClicky that will make it easy for you to use the tool with WordPress.

This tool makes it easy to track campaign URL data. You can click the big “Add New URL” button to keep track of multiple campaigns all at the same time, or merely different URLs from the same campaign. It will then give you a breakdown of the medium, be it a link, banner, link or whatever it is, what campaign it’s from, and other data, This connects directly to Google Analytics as well.

Overall, the best approach is to combine a lot of these tools together to get a complete picture of the overall success of your campaign.


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