Hacking Facebook's Interests For Better Online Marketing

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is trying to find or develop content that will easily resonate with the community they are targeting. That said a little known yet powerful way in which to curate content is to use Facebook’s Interests lists. 

Interest lists if you’re not familiar with are a list of pages that Facebook users can create and then access from the site’s sidebar. However, a word of caution this does not work like Google Analytics or Word Tracker to find keywords for your niche. It takes a little bit of getting used to and you need to be creative when using this unique technique.

Better Online Marketing
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Utilize graph search to pull out relevant pages

Before you start creating Interest Lists you need to ask yourself one very important question: What types of pages will my target audience like? So, this is where Facebook’s Graph Search is the best tool for the job. In order to make, making your list easier we've come up with a list of search strings below to get you started. However, feel free to use your own creativity to come up with strings of your own.
  • Pages that were liked by people who like [name of your page] 
  • Pages that were liked by men who liked [name of your page] 
  • Pages that were liked by women who liked [name of your page] 
  • Fans of [name of your page] and [a page that is similar to yours] 
  • Restaurants [name of your city] that are visited by people who have liked [name of your page] 
  • Pages that were liked by people who live near [your city] and have liked [your page]

Prioritize your searches using Facebook Insights

If you are often busy like many other people in the world you may want to stick with three very important types of searches. Go to your page and click on ‘Page Insight’ then pay special attention to all the people who are actively engaging with all the content on your page.

Take a note of if women are your page’s biggest fans or are they men? Where do most of the people who have liked your page live? When you get answers to these questions you’ll be able to further prioritize your Graph Searches. This will help you mine more information for online marketing purposes.

Create Interest Lists of all the pages that your Facebook Fans have liked

Knowing what other pages interest your fans is very important. This will help you get some insight into what they are thinking or what other interests or hobbies they may have. 

For instance, if you see that the majority of your page’s fans are women in their 30s, who like comedy, in particular Conan O’ Brian this will help you tailor your online marketing more specifically. 

You may be able to run a marketing campaign that has Conan O’ Brian endorsing your brand or perhaps collaborate with the person managing O’Brian’s page to promote your products or services.
  • In order to create your list simply visit: Facebook.com/addlist 
  • Then click on “Create Interest” button located on the top of your page 
  • Then in the pop-up window you can add one of the pages from the search and then click on “Next”. 
  • You can now name your list after the Graph Search Criteria that you have used and then make it private.
Share some content from all these pages

Once your Interest Lists have been created, you can go to ‘get to know pages’. Scan your pages on regular basis for good and engaging content that you can use. When you come across a post that has an unusually high engagement and happens to be relevant to your target audience just share it on your page.

Now going beyond just Facebook

The fact is that despite Facebook being the largest social network on the planet it is not the only one. You shouldn't limit your curated content just to Facebook. For instance, if you see an engaging video and you think it will do well on Facebook just embed the video in a blog post or even post it on Twitter. The thing you need to keep in mind here is that your Facebook fans mainly reflect the audiences across all major channels and not only Facebook.

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