Building A Website Is Easier Than You Think - 4 Tips to Get You Started

Building a website is not much different from baking a cake. There are different levels of involvement that determine the level of difficulty. Like a cake, you can build a website from scratch, or simply pay someone to make it for you, but here are many levels in between. Regardless of how much work you do yourself, there are three fundamental steps that need to be taken: register a domain name, design a site, and pay a company to host your website.

Building A Website

Register you own domain name and choose a web hosting firm

These two steps are the easiest to accomplish and won't cost you as much as you might think. The actual design of the website can be done yourself with software. This type of software can be expensive and there will be a learning curve, but for those that enjoy working with computers and the Internet, it could be fun. If you are new to using this type of software, you will need to be patient.

Most of this type of software is designed to be user-friendly, so make sure you read the directions thoroughly. The companies that my this type of software realize that most people who are using the software will not be familiar with website building. Creating a website is easy, however, don't expect to gain the skills overnight.

Use a web hosting service with online design software

With this option, you need only spend a little time and money to register your domain name. You then need to find a good web hosting company that offers free design software to their customers. This type of software is very easy to use. In fact, it consists of templates and all you need to do is make changes in the template. You can make your own website quickly.

Use a web hosting service with domain registration

There are also web hosing companies with free design software that also offer the service of domain registration. They will do this for you, as well as host your site. You only need to spend a few minutes making your new site with their online program. 

This might be an easier option if you are inexperienced, and most likely if this is your first time making a website, you would be considered inexperienced. The good thing about using a web hosting service is that they want to make the website creation process as easy as possible, so they'll be there to answer any questions you might have.

Seek out the pros

Normally this type of design work can be expensive when done by an independent subcontractor, but there are companies the do large volumes of website design and hosting. These companies offer low prices to design your website and host it. 

You could try a PopSite service, allowing you to have an easily made website, but with all of the design elements you want. They will also register your domain as well. If you find yourself lost when making a website, don't just “wing it” or your company (and website) will suffer.. For many people the best option is outsourcing this type of work, or hiring someone to teach them the necessary skills for creating and running a website.

Once you have a vision for your site, the possibilities are nearly endless. Make sure you do research and educate yourself on good (and bad) practices for running a website if this is your first time doing so. With all of the advanced and well designed websites on the internet today, this is a part of your business that you can't put on the back burner—a good website should be at the top of your priority list.
AUTHOR BIO: This article was written by Dixie, a freelance writer who loves writing about anything to do with business, finance, technology, women's interests, or home and family. Dixie lives in Arizona with her husband and three daughters.


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