Advertising Concepts: Five Design Strategies To Keep In Mind

Every business, big or small, knows that marketing is the most vital part of their entire business. Advertising is arguably the most important part of marketing due to its efficiency and ability to reach vast swaths of people. 

Advertisements are placed just about everywhere in our world; on the television, alongside highways, and of course in every nook and cranny of the Internet. 

However, an issue arises when it comes to trying to reach very specific demographics like the poor marketer trying to reach people that are interested in polishing their collectable coins or the advertiser trying to offer tools for trainingyour veterinary staff.

Advertising Concepts

How much more specialized can a market get? In order to produce effective ads, these kinds of targeted efforts need to utilize some of the most important design concepts.  

Here are five tips for quality design that can attract even the tiny minorities advertisers are trying to reach.

When advertising a special product or promotion, it's important to include your brand name and other branding elements on the ad. This not only tells the potential customers who is selling this special item, but it helps get your brand name recognized by more people. People like to buy from brands they've seen before, so if they come across something with your brand name on it later down the road, they are much more likely to purchase it.

Obviously, logos are part of branding, but they're an important part that calls for specific focus.  Every company should have a logo, and that logo should be included effectively in advertisements. This is basically your company's signature, and the number one way that people are going to recognize your company. Logos are best if they're made to be simple and scalable.  That way they can easily be slipped into a corner of your ads, but still be recognizable even when they're smaller.

Color Schemes
There are two things that you should be shooting for when selecting a color scheme. First off, you want something that goes together well just so that the advertisement looks professional. Sometimes just matching up colors can lead to boring and bland schemes, though.  

Boring doesn't help with the second part—getting people's attention. Use colors that not only go well together, but that pop from whatever medium you opt to use for your marketing material.  Again, fit color schemes to your branding and the message of the ad.  

Let's consider two examplesof dental postcards.  One dentist might not command much respect with seniors if his postcards use very neon color schemes while offering denture cleanings.  However, another dentist may offer cleanings for children and could use a neon color scheme.  Pay attention to your audience!

Large Text
It's often a good idea to use larger text so that ads are more easily read from a distance. This also helps make them stand out a bit from all the text we're surrounded by almost everywhere we go. By just having five to 10 words on your ad in big bold text, you are increasing the chances that someone will take a look at it. If you find a way to effectively convey a message in three huge words, that is likely to work out better than many smaller words that require just those few seconds longer to read.

With some exceptions, your ad should be kept simple as well. Make it easy for someone to fully understand the ad at just a quick glance because most of the time that will be all your ad will get.  If you know that you have a captive audience that won't be completely annoyed by complexity, some crowds can appreciate having to work at understanding your ad, but again, it's all about who your audience is.

Utilizing these design strategies can help you overcome the sea of ads that consumers face each day. Just standing out in the daily mail can be a chore. Just remember how many ads you notice but spend less than a second considering.  Strive to get at least a few more seconds of focus for your marketing efforts and to avoid consumers writing off your ad as just more of the noise or junk mail.


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