Popular Ways To Use A Rich Snippet To Improve Your Web Traffic

Competition is increasing among the bloggers and webmasters with every passing day. Therefore, it has become necessary to use innovative ways to grab attention of potential visitors for your webpage. One such innovative way that will make your webpage stand-out among others in a search result is by using Rich Snippet. There are many benefits of using Rich Snippet and you can use it in different ways.

What is Rich Snippet? 
By using Rich Snippet you can provide the summary of your article in the search engine results page. This allows you to make your search engine listing have better description and more user friendly. Additionally, you have the feature to add videos and images, which further enhances the looks of your search engine listing. Google has changed its displaying of search result significantly in the past few years and by using Rich Snippet you can take complete benefit of those changes.

How Rich Snippet Can Benefit Your Webpage?

Provides Information to Google
It is true that Rich Snippets can't influence your ranking in the Google search results, but it does give Google more information about your webpage and thus the search engine can take better decision on the relevance of your webpage for a particular keyword search results. 

There is no data that suggests that Google prefers the webpages with Rich Snippets, but because Google has got more data from your webpage, its algorithm can analyze it in a better way. 

Provides User Friendly Information
Biggest benefit of using Rich Snippet is that users are able to get more information about the webpage and its usefulness for them, by just looking at the search engine listing. Therefore, when your webpage gets listed in the search engine results, the chances that users would spend more time reading its details are more. Therefore, the chances that users would eventually prefer to visit your webpage among man other results is increased dramatically. 

Gets Attention of Users
Rich Snippets as the name suggests makes your webpage listing in a search result colorful and attractive. Therefore, when a user is reviewing a list of websites in the search results, the chances that they would their attention would divert to your webpage listing is more due to the Rich Snippet. There are several surveys that have shown that people always like to go for the search result that they feel would provide them with more information. 

Popular Ways to Use a Rich Snippet to Improve Your Web Traffic 
Now that you know what a Rich Snippet is and how it can affect your significance in the Google search results, you must know how you can use it to get the most benefit from this innovative feature. There are several ways in which you can use this feature:

Author Snippets: 
When you use snippets as author snippet you provide following information to the viewer of the snippet: name of author, picture of author in as on Google+, number of followers of author at Google+, and links to other articles of that author. 

Video Snippets
You can display thumbnail of a video alongside your search listing. For this type of snippet Google recognizes the markup code of Facebook Share. Therefore, you get the option to hitting two targets with one arrow. 

Business and Organization Snippets: 
In this snippet you can provide information like: contact number, address, price range, working hours, and reviews by customers. It's nice way to introduce your business to potential clients.

Review Snippets: 
You can add this snippet showing your like or dislike of a product or service using 5-star ratings. You can also add the review portion to your snippet. 

Recipe Snippets: 
Using this snippet you can display various information about a dish like: its picture, its calorie count, and user reviews. Additionally, you can add preparation time, cook time, ingredients, or total time. 

Product Snippets: 
You can add picture, price range and ratings of the product using this snippet.

People Snippets: 
This snippet provides information like: job title of the person, the company that employs him/her, location of office, nickname, photo, and many other such data. 

Music Album Snippets: 
You can use this snippet to provide link to the songs of the album and also to its lyrics.

Event Snippets: 
These snippets provide information regarding an event like: time of event, date, and location. There is an option to display up to three events.


Search engines would keep modifying their algorithms in future, but the desire to get on their first page would stay the same. Therefore, you need to adapt according to changing times. Presently, using Rich Snippets is a great way to gain attention of users.

Author Bio: Jason Smith is an online manager for Right Lawyers - who are experienced Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer . Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.


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