Niche Marketing - 5 Tips For Knowing Your Customers

If you own a business in a niche market, you have to be sure that you know exactly who you're marketing to when you create branding, flyers, website design, and marketing material. Unlike general interest businesses, niche markets usually hold a select group of people who are passionate about a certain style, product, service, or way of life. 

By defining your customers and knowing who they are, you can create a highly effective and efficient marketing campaign. Below are five ways to know who your market is. 

Niche Marketing

Look in the Mirror
Most people start businesses to serve a purpose or fill a need, and usually that purpose or need is something they themselves want or are passionate about. For instance, The Art of Shaving in Cincinnati is a business dedicated to those who have a passion for quality, old-fashioned, barber shop shaving and techniques, and they sell products to that niche market. Chances are, the owners are passionate about this kind of shaving.

Who Uses Your Product?
Who could you see coming into your store, online or in person, to purchase your products or utilize your services? Most of the time, you have a target customer in mind, you just aren't aware of it. What does this person look like? How much does he or she make? What does this person do for a living? Is this person a particular age, race, culture, or gender? By coming up with a picture in your mind of who would likely buy from you, you can get a good idea of who you're marketing to. 

Take a Poll
If your business has a Facebook page, set up a poll and ask a question like "Which of the following describes your buying habits when it comes to (product type you sell)?" The analytics, as well as the profiles of those who vote, will be able to show you who voted at the high, middle, and low ends. The high end is your target market. 

Talk to Them
The obvious way of finding out who your target customer is would be to look at who's already buying from you. Connect with your customers on social media and find out more about who they are, what they like, what makes them purchase, etc. This will help you develop a well-targeted marketing campaign. 

Web Analytics
Web analytics, or the statistical and demographic information you obtain from places like Google Analytics, will show you who is visiting your site, including who stays on your site the longest, who purchases, etc. These demographics can give you a great idea of who buys from you, where they shop from, where they are, and more. 

Be sure to get a good picture of who it is you're marketing to before starting a large marketing campaign. While you may think that marketing to your niche audience alone is alienating people who might become customers, it's actually saving you time and money.


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