5 Under-Utilized Website Design Tips to Engage Your Target Market

All too often, companies go overboard in the web design department and take an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. Doing so often distracts from a brand's message, negatively affecting customer engagement and retention. Consequently, it's incredibly important to simplify your site's layout and focus on the essentials.

Here are 5 under-utilized web design techniques well worth adopting.

Employ Big Block Elements

The era of overly complicated website layouts is mercifully drawing to a close as web designers once again embrace simplicity. A big reason for this sea change is the rise of the mobile web, which places an emphasis on large, unadorned buttons and boxes. Use semi-transparency on headers, footers and sidebars to add a touch of class.

5 Under-Utilized Website Design Tips to Engage Your Target Market

Opt for Minimalist Palettes

Another major web design faux pas that quite a few businesses still commit is using too many colors. The resulting visual train wreck is often distracting to end users. Stick to a restrained palette consisting of two or three major colors and a few derivative shades that compliment them. The most popular color trends as of late are bright neon tones and muted pastels.

Choose Unique Fonts

It's often been said that half of good web design is typography. Whether or not that's true, the fact of the matter is that the right font can do more for your site than busy graphics. You can either pay for a decent custom font or use one of the more obscure typefaces found on Google Fonts.

Aim High & Down the Middle

Today's tech-savvy public doesn't feel like wasting precious minutes scouring your site's layout looking for what they want. You need to get their attention immediately and hold on to it by getting right down to business. Feature your best content "above the fold" and center it in the middle of the page to keep them focused on your primary message.

An irritatingly high percentage of sites feature annoying drop-down top banners promoting social media profiles that obscure content in unexpected ways. Rather than bugging users in this manner, give them a simple fixed navigation bar that scrolls with the page. More importantly, don't nest your sub-menus more than one level deep.

Highlight the Message, Not the Markup

An effective web design stands out without making itself the star of the show. The focus should always be on the message that you're trying to convey. If you need help fleshing out that message, a competent 

Internet Marketing consulting professional can assist you. As for your website's design, just keep it simple, striking and straightforward.


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