Knick Knack about the new SEO in town

With the advancing time, come the new and improved technologies. 

It has been considered and thought that the SEO services that will feature and offer Local SEO would be comparatively high ranked and more sought after as compared to the ones who don’t introduce such services. 

It has become one of the latest trends of SEO in 2013.

new SEO in town

Not your regular SEO

As it is introducing itself from the past few years, not many business men know about it as much as they should know. As the name specifies, it is meant for localization most importantly. Though its main job is same as that of what normal SEO does yet many key features are unique to it.

Let your area be your identity

It literally tags your main area of work with you so anyone who’ll enter the keywords in Google or any other major search engine including your area or city would easily find your location and address. It will get listed among the most well-known for a particular area so it will automatically increase the output of your success.

Say your name, say your name

Local SEO will stamp your name, address and phone number (NAP) literally on every page of the site so that the potential client will never miss it. This new trend is known as citation. Although it seems that it’s pretty basic but the format and proper method is the key that could make you more noticeable.

Ask for compliments

Another helping factor is to convince and ask your clients to review your work. It’s a little bit risky as you don’t really know if they’re going to be kind enough. A new tip that Local SEO suggests you to use is to actually fill your office with attractive logos of your work and basically place your email everywhere to ensure it catches the eye of client.

The Tool box:

You need to throw out your rusting-old tools and buy some up to-the-par appliances. Local SEO is not some software that you install and forget about it. You can’t make use of it for indefinite period of time until you install that important updates whose notifications pop up daily and slow down your progress. 

These include: localized listings from Google Places, Yext for ensuring the publicity on all major search sites, KnowEm for social media, Whitespark Local citation finder is a must have, My SEOtool, Google Webmaster tools and Google analytics are some other.

The quest of finding the one

All of the above mentioned new trends of this year need to be in your bags and the first priority of any Local SEO service. Now, how to know which company is actually adopting and using all the latest tech machinery? Well, your search job is now made easier by will not let you down at all.

To know the company is doing its job, you should expect:

a. Use of Google Authorship, Google Panda and Penguin 2.0 that have left all others behind.
b. Better, impressive content
c. Less chances of black hat SEO scams.
d.) Last but not the least, if this service is doing it right, it will show and you’ll get exactly what you need.

Author Bio: Gloria Philips is a guest blogger and content writer. She recommends the above link for SEO services to boost your website ranking. She also recommends the Wikipedia link for further SEO related study.


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