What Does SEO Have In Common With Trading

Often when you closely examine the underlying principles of seemingly unrelated practices, you’ll find that there are more similarities than were first apparent. This is the case for instance with the seemingly very different acts of doing SEO versus playing the stock market. One involves stocks and shares, while the other involves sending e-mails and writing content – but actually the skills you’ll end up using are very similar and learning one of these trades can help you greatly with the other. Read on to find out why and how…

Your Working Day

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Of course if you are a day trader or an SEO, you will spend a great deal of your time working from the comfort of your home on the computer. This is obviously something that suits a particular kind of person and that results in a particular kind of lifestyle. If you are a trader and you meet an SEO – or vice versa – then you can exchange notes on what the best time really is to put on pants.

Predicting Trends

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More importantly though, both SEO and trading are heavily reliant on an ability to be able to read the markets and to anticipate what’s likely to be popular.

In trading of course this is obvious: you look at which industries are doing well, and you examine specific companies as well to try and look for signs that they’re going to start performing better or make a mistake. Then based on this information, you will essentially ‘place your bet’ by investing lots of money into a particular company’s shares and hope that it works out and pays off.

In SEO you don’t bet on companies in the same way, but you do bet on keywords. Essentially, a lot of your job when you do optimisation, is to try and guess what people are going to be searching for in the near future, and then to try and get to the top of the necessary SERPs. If you can accurately guess what the next ‘big thing’ will be, then you can set yourself up to be a hub of information for that new topic and you can make huge profits as a result.

What SEOs Can Learn From Traders

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This is something that a lot of SEOs and bloggers don’t consider when they’re trying to become a success. Often they will create sites and promote them with the intention of trying to get to the number one spot for popular search terms and topics. This is obviously much harder than if you were to get to the top spot before the competition knew about it.

How do traders make their predictions then? Well often it is a simple matter of applying maths. By looking at the performance of particular stocks over time, they can spot trajectories and anticipate the future of those stocks. You can do the precise same thing then with keywords – look at which keywords are on the rise and try following them for a while to see if that’s a trend that looks set to continue. 

Combine this with keeping yourself informed and by observing industry news, and you can start to get to the good keywords before other bloggers know what’s hit them.

This post is authored by Mike, a passionate blogger and an internet marketing expert. He works for Wisdek, an internet marketing company that focuses on search optimisation. His knowledge and expertise is visible through his blog posts, where he talks about marketing and its strategies.


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