What Are The Best Keyword Tools Available?

While many website owners, webmasters, and SEO agencies might feel confident manually choosing which keywords to target, the best way to build a supercharged optimization program is definitely to use a keyword tool.  No matter how strong your knowledge of SEO, there is always the likelihood that you discover a good volume, low competition keyword that is relevant to your site that you hadn't yet thought of.

Immediately, your SEO campaign has a head start on competitors, and you’ll quickly start to see extra traffic heading to your site via organic search.

Best Keyword Tools

With SEO and keyword optimization, specifically, proving increasingly popular – even those who don’t know the industry at all try to ‘do it’ – there is a wide range of keyword tools available that can help. Here are some of the best examples.

Google Keywords Tool

This is probably the best-known keyword tool, and for anyone looking for a free, simple service, it is perfect.

All you have to do is enter a keyword and you’re presented with 100 suggestions for other keywords or phrases, and all the data you need to make decisions around keyword targeting. If you’re a Google AdWords subscriber, you can get specific information related to keywords, in addition to the places where you can expect your ads to appear.

Overall, if you’re new to SEO and looking for an introduction to keyword research for your website, Google Keywords Tool is a good place to start.


Although a free subscription to this service is available, the paid options give you the biggest range of information from which you can start to drill down into the specifics of a keyword research campaign.

One standout feature of SEMRush is that the tool tells you the actual number of results, rather than just telling you whether something is competitive or not. This allows you to then avoid the keywords that have 100million results, and try to find those where it will be easier for you to hit page one.

One other benefit of SEMRush is that you can use it for considering a PPC campaign. Not only do you get information regarding cost per click, but you can also weed out the words that are irrelevant, so if you do go down this route, you can be confident what you’re paying for.

Keyword Spy

Even the best SEO professionals have had periods where they have put a lot of effort into their chosen keywords yet struggled to force their way up the search rankings. With Keyword Spy, which is available as a free or as a paid subscription, you can get an idea of what your competitors are doing, and start to understand what else you need to do in order to further your own standing.

Depending on your industry, you might be competing with a number of global brands and famous names, but it is better to look at the companies that are closer to you in terms of turnover, profit, and likely advertising budget.

Although not necessarily a great tool for choosing your own keywords, it can give you a better idea of how you should shape your strategy, in respect of being successful in your targeted markets.

Garry is an SEO enthusiast who loves exploring the detail of SEO as well as looking at more widely explored areas such as keyword tools. One such area to appeal to Garry has been managed VPS hosting, and he is currently learning about the impact a great hosting plan can have on SEO and overall site performance.


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