Using Social Media As A Main Marketing Tactic For Your Holiday Business

If you run a holiday business, you do not have to focus your marketing efforts to a small period of time right before you will start offering products or services. Many seasonal business owners find that coming up with an effective marketing strategy that will keep your brand in the mind of the consumers all yearlong is most challenging. 

Social Media As A Main Marketing Tactic
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Just because you sell hot beverages to skiers when lift tickets start selling, or you sell personalized Christmas ornaments and decorations does not mean you have to target an entirely new client base each and every year. By taking action well before the peak season and using social media as your marketing platform, you can spend your slow season ensuring that your peak season is great.

Use Sluggish Periods as a Valuable Time to Market with Your Social Media Profile

Social media fits into any well-balanced marketing plan, especially when you run a holiday business where your products or services are only in demand for a portion of the year. While slow periods are dreaded, if you learn how to use social media as a marketing platform during the slow periods you will watch your sales skyrocket during peak seasons. If you do not have a social media profile, or you are not using the profile as a marketing tactic off season, here are the reasons why you should be:

* Your Seasonal Customers Are Forgetful 

Statistics show that more than 1.2 billion people have a Facebook account, and 56% of all of the people surveyed use some type of web-based social media service. Obviously, businesses can reach a widespread audience when marketing on social media platforms. If you want to reach out to past customers, using social media profiles to your advantage is key. 

Seasonal customers tend to be very forgetful, and if you do not keep your business in their mind throughout the year, they are bound to forget about you. Have your customers like your profile page for a discount, and this will give you the opportunity to keep your brand in your clients' minds all yearlong. If you sell ornaments, write posts about decorating for the holidays, preparing for shopping trips, or even how to prevent holiday fires. By continually updating your social media profiles, you can keep their attention and build trust at the same time. 

* Keep Interest in Your Product Until the Next Season Comes  

Did you know 87% of all of the Fortune 100 companies use social media on a regular basis for marketing purposes? You should follow their lead and use social media as a marketing tactic, even if your business only operates for a few months out of the year. Some consumers use the off season to review your business and the competition. By promoting your business, you can keep interest in your brand instead of letting the competition out-market you. 

Are you using social media to connect with current customers and prospects? Share information, write valuable content, promote your brand off season, and let your customers become your sales people by promoting your business for you. Spread the word all yearlong, and you can get the publicity your business needs.

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