Unique Business Cards: Don't Get Lost in the Shuffle

Business cards are a vital tools in a professional's arsenal, but they need to be managed the right way. Professionals should make sure their business cards stand out from the rest of the pack in a memorable way and don't just get lost in the shuffle.

Use an Unconventional Material
One of the major mistakes professionals make is printing their business cards on cheap paper, according to FixBuildandDrive.com. Making rubber cards, plastic cards or wooden cards are all excellent ways professionals can make sure their cards are remembered. Cards with harder materials also have the advantage of allowing professionals to include a memorable cut-out logo or other unique designs.

Unique Business Cards
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Try Some Unique Shapes
In a huge stack of rectangular cards, an oval card or other uniquely shaped card will immediately stand out. When a client is thinking about trying to contact a professional, the image of that interestingly cut card will come to mind, and it will be easy to find the professional's contact information right away. Professionals can get inventive with these shapes, such as a tailor turning the business card into a short ruler, or this engineer's card with an analog stencil cut into to card. Get creative!

Unique Business Cards
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Magnetize It
While magnetic business cards used to be the domain of telephone directories, they are becoming useful for professionals who want to to stick in clients' minds. Many people will attach a magnetic business card to their refrigerators or other metal appliances for future use. They will see the card and the name every day. These magnets can also be made in engaging shapes for more customer interest and to increase the likelihood they will be used.

Unique Business Cards
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Know the Colors
Color theory can be extremely important when designing a good business card, Empower Yourself With Color Psychology reports. Black cards will look sleek, professional and contemporary. Cards with bolder colors such as red may get attention, but they may also be overly aggressive to a client and feel off-putting. Metallic business cards such as gold, silver or copper will capture an idea of wealth and sophistication.

Unique Business Cards
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Look at the Competition
Many industries have very similar business cards across the board, writes Naldz Graphics. As an example, the tech industry tends to use colors of blue and green. By learning about the competition, a professional can craft a business card that is distinct from the other cards that a potential client may be receiving.

Many professionals will be using their business cards for a long time to come, and it is often one of the first impressions they will make to new clients. Taking the appropriate time and doing thorough research into business cards will eventually pay off for a patient and dedicated professional. Think about what kind of cards you need for different situations, such as a set of conventional business cards for industry meet-and-greets and more expensive custom cards for clients.

What makes your business card stand out? Tell us in the comments.


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