Understanding How People Use Search

Many users depend on search engines, especially Google, to find what they are looking for.

When they do a specific search, they follow general steps beginning with the need to know information or about a service and ending with clicking the results.

While having users complete the last step is the ultimate goal, it is important to understand how humans behave on the search page.

This knowledge helps you figure out what users search for and how they search for it, and tailor your SEO process appropriately.

How People Use Search

Search for Information
You can go to many places to search for information, such as search engines, the Yellow Pages, and newspapers. The statistics show that many people go to search engines to find information compared with other methods. This fact indicates the increasing importance of targeting search engines and optimizing websites for it. Actually, many businesses have already started to focus on search engines to improve their websites’ traffic and rank.

Search for Information

Using the Most Common Search Engines
Search engines use various methods and algorithms to index web content and display
it in the search results page. This is one of the reasons users prefer a specific search
engine. According to comScore, the market share for search engines in 2011 places Google at the top of the search engines with more than 65% of the market share, and Yahoo is in second position with around 15%.

Using the Most Common Search Engines

Begin Your Search
Users usually go through common steps while searching for information on the web.
The SEO process starts when the user needs to search for specific information; for example, a user can be searching for local services or businesses. When you do a search on a search engine, you usually provide a specific search query or a number of keywords, and the search engine provides results that you can choose from to obtain relative content.

Begin Your Search


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