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If you want a single domain name, any old registrar will do. However, when you plan to buy domain names in the double or even triple digits, bulk management becomes necessary to save time and effort. Otherwise, you'll find yourself wasting previous minutes renewing domains, changing DNS settings and performing administrative tasks for each domain name.

People who are looking to register multiple domains will always need the bulk search feature that is not always present on domain registrars. This may become quite tedious as it would entail you having to check every domains availability individually, consuming huge amounts of time. Other than time, purchasing in bulk can even save you some money, as you'll see.

Domains With Ease

GoDaddy one of the better-known domain registrars around, and the company's services make it especially appealing when you own many domains. You can register up to 500 domains in a simple form. GoDaddy's form allows you to simply search for available domain names with any extension. If you register six or more .COM domains with GoDaddy, you'll also see a substantial savings -- up to 31% -- over purchasing your domain names separately.

Once you've registered with GoDaddy, bulk management is easy enough. After launching the domain manager, you can edit the nameservers, lock status, forwarding options and contact information for multiple domains simultaneously. The control panel includes a feature to export or print a list of domains, change domain ownership and add or manage administrators per each domain as well. Of course, you can edit every domain separately, and this is required for more details activities like changing DNS settings.

Any registrar that uses WHMCS, an online business billing program, has comprehensive bulk domain management tools. You'll find few differences between the look and layout of registrars such as Enom and BulkRegister, both of which provide ways for you to do several domain management processes in bulk. Simply log in and view your domains list to change nameserver settings, adjust the auto renew status or manually renew each domain, check whether your domains are locked or edit contact information.

Namecheap stands apart from the other registrars because the company now accepts payment via BitCoin. The bulk domain search is compatible with up to 50 names, while you can choose from over 40 extensions. Existing customers can log in to their Namecheap accounts, view domain lists and edit multiple names. 

Bulk management options include pushing domain names to another Namecheap account, changing nameserver settings and enabling or disabling the automatic renewal function. More about this registrar can be found through this Namecheap review done by Domain Raccoon.

Being small isn't bad for consumers. When you purchase domains through hover, you have the option to edit nameservers or renew your domains in bulk. A dedicated tab allows you to forward more than one domain nameto another location with ease. 

Simply add the destination and choose whether you want Hover to mask the forwarding before saving. Furthermore, the control panel includes a section for email management, where you can manage email addresses for multiple domains simultaneously.

No matter which domain registrar you choose from this list, you'll find yourself buying and managing multiple domain names like a pro.

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