Opening A Restaurant - Tips For Marketing Your New Eatery With Social Media

Opening a restaurant is a big dream for many people, so if you are on the verge of letting the first customers into your own eating establishment then you've managed to do something really special. Hopefully you have chosen a fantastic menu, decorated your interior to fit with the theme and picked a good name for what will hopefully be the next in place to eat in your city. 

However, to get people in the door, these days, word of mouth isn't the only option you have. Social media offers some really simple ways to broaden your outreach, and when done properly can be really effective. Here are some tips to help you market your new restaurant to the right people in your local area.

Tips For Marketing With Social Media
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Have a Facebook Page – And Use It

As you have probably noticed, most businesses these days have a Facebook page, which puts out the latest information on what they have going on and allows them to connect with their customers. Having a Facebook page is free and easy, and offers a great opportunity for marketing, but only if you use it properly. 

Tips For Marketing Your New Eatery With Social Media
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Telling your customers about your Facebook page is the most important thing, and you can do this with subtle messages on your menus, fliers and other promotional collateral, but it tends to be best to offer an actual incentive for them to like your page or share it with their friends. A free glass of wine can go a long way in this respect, as can 50% off an appetizer. Once you have caught a decent following, use your Facebook page to offer similar promotions to encourage the people to return.

Use Twitter to Establish Yourselves as a Credible Business

Like Facebook, Twitter is a free and easy way to promote your new restaurant, and is one that you can easily incentivize your customers to get involved with. However, as well as pushing new menu items, promotions, entertainment and other such things in your tweets, it also pays to show good links with other local businesses that are relevant to your niche.

Tips For Marketing
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This doesn't mean competitors of course, but if there is a bar that is nearby that your guests may often go to after dining at your restaurant, showing a good relationship with them by retweeting their own promotions and offers will not only ingratiate you with them so they will do the same for you, but also make you look more credible to your own followers. Businesses who supply you can be useful in the same way, so if there is a specialty butcher who you get all your meat from or a restaurant supply store you always use, follow them and cross promote wherever you can.

Equally, consider your interior designer if you used one, and any contractors you used in building or setting up the restaurant. Restaurants are usually local concerns, and an interest in other complimentary local businesses can give you a sense of community spiritedness that customers love!

Today’s feature writer, Richard Maxwell, is an employee at a company that offers commercial refrigerators and other equipment. Painting and decorating his own space are a few of his favorite things to do.


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