Marketing Mastery: Do Your Videos Lack This Critical Factor?

Are you sick and tired of seeing one, five or 10 page views after doing 20 takes for your latest video creation? You are likely missing this critical, oft-ignored factor in video marketing. Most video marketers miss the mark when it comes to adding this key element to their content. What is the element?

Hop on a video sharing network. Open the first video you see. After watching about two or three seconds of the offering you instantly know whether or not you can stomach another second of soaking up the content. Most videos are bland, boring and lifeless; yes, these pieces of content lack energy in a serious way.

The brilliant video marketers know how to snag attention by adding overpowering energy to their creations. Check out viral videos for great examples of irresistible energy. Most viral videos emit a pulsating, tangible positive energy which draws in viewers by the millions.

How do you locate this energy? How can you add this critical element to your video creation campaign?

Move around before creating your video to raise your energy, or level of vibration. By exercising frequently you can move yourself into a high vibe state. Have you noticed how many successful, positive people always seem to be on the move? You can feel the energy of these individuals through the television set or computer screen because these people have “it”, “it” being positive energy, or engaging charisma.

Exercising lifts your mood, improves your self-confidence and helps you ride out and negative storms you might be suffering through in your life. Once you raise your vibe creating energetic, charismatic, inspiring videos becomes a piece of cake. Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. Do 50 sit ups or jumping jacks before creating your video to move into a higher level of vibration. Watch how quickly your page views jump after using this approach to boosting your vibe. Hit the gym or do pushups if you wish to raise the energy of your videos in a dramatic fashion.

Dark, drab, dour settings do little to boost your video page views. Lighting plays a key factor in the number of page views you accumulate via your videos. Choose a light background to increase the positive energy surrounding your videos. Try to use the principle of contrast to snag the average viewer’s attention span. People tend to enjoy soaking up bright, cheery settings so try using a natural background to snag capture the attention of your target audience.

Smart video marketers know how the best content can go largely unnoticed unless you pay strict attention to factors like lighting and background. The underlying energy must inspire your viewers to tune into your video and watch the content through its entirety. By noting these details you can effectively excite your viewers to watch your videos, post helpful comments and share your offering across multiple social networks. The quickest way to go viral is to create an irresistible positive, uplifting energetic aura surrounding your videos.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things video marketing from what to consider for DVD replication manufacturing to how to come up with ideas for your marketing campaign.


  1. Video marketing is a very good way to get more traffic, but do not forget that your video, which you have posted on your site or on any social media sites should be attractive, interesting and meaningful. Content of your must be informative, visualization of your video must be perfect.


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