Manage Social Accounts Using HootSuite #2

In addition to managing accounts, HootSuite lets you schedule automatic posts to one or more of your social accounts. This is useful when you are not able to access your account or are busy during a given time. You can add the posts and schedule them to be published on specific dates or let HootSuite automatically set a time to publish them. The scheduled posts appear under the Scheduled link, which you access by clicking Publisher in the left menu.

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Schedule a Social Update
  • 1 Click the Compose message area on the HootSuite dashboard after you sign in.
Using HootSuite

The message composer opens.

  • 2 Type your message.
  • 3 Click the Scheduling button
Manage Social Accounts

The Schedule message dialog box appears.

  • 4 Click a desired schedule date.
  • 5 Click the time pop-up menus and set a time.
Using HootSuite

  • 6 Click the Account list button and select the accounts.
  • 7 Click Schedule.
Manage Social Accounts Using HootSuite

Your message is scheduled for publishing on the specified date.

What is the HootSuite Analytics?
You can find statistics about your posts in the Analytics link in the left menu. You can create statistics for Facebook or Google Analytics. These reports can give you information about how your social marketing plan affects your website SEO.

You can delete an account from your profile name on the left menu. This opens the profile page with a list of the accounts. When you click the icon next to each account, it displays the functions drop-down list. Then, click the Remove from HootSuite link to remove the account. You can add it later or add other accounts using the Add a Social Network link on the same page.


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