Manage Social Accounts Using HootSuite #1

The increasing number of social media websites makes it harder for social media experts to manage all their social accounts, especially when social media is only one part of the entire SEO process.

Thus, there are multiple third-party applications that help you handle all your accounts easily from one place. Some of these applications are desktop-based and others are web-based.

The HootSuite application provides comprehensive features for managing social accounts from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The free package allows you to have up to five free social accounts.

Manage Social Accounts Using HootSuite

Add a Social Media Account
Note: To follow this task, you must sign in to your HootSuite account, or create a new account at if do not have one.

  • Type in your web browser and press enter .
  • Type your login credentials and click Secure Login.
Using HootSuite

You must sign into the social media network to add the network.
The Getting Started page appears.
  • Click Add a Twitter profile, or replace Twitter with the social media network of your choice. 
Manage Social Accounts

The Add Social Network page appears.
  • Click Connect with Twitter, or the social media network of your choice.
The Twitter/Authorize an application page appears.
  • Type your Twitter account name.
  • Type your Twitter account password.
  • Click Authorize app.
Manage Social Accounts Using HootSuite

Your Twitter updates appear in the Hootsuite Twitter tab on the home page.

What social networks are supported in HootSuite?
HootSuite supports adding accounts from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, foursquare, WordPress, MySpace, and mixi. When you add an account, it appears as a separate tab in the HootSuite Stream, so you can check updates for each account individually.

Where do new accounts appear?
New accounts appear as a new tab in the HootSuite Streams section and display your followers’ updates, messages, and mentions. You can also click your profile name in the left floating menu to see added accounts. All accounts appear under the My Social Networks section.


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