Key Ways To Boost Your Charity's Social Media Presence

Boosting a Charities Success Online
Just having a social media presence is not enough – charities must utilise their profiles effectively in order to spread their message and encourage interactions and support. Of course there are many ways to do this and some will vary according to which social media site you use, but below are some key things to implement to enhance your efforts.

Social Media Presence

Direct requests
One of the easiest ways to get your message to more people is to directly ask your current followers to share a certain message or update. Create a clear message that will appeal to your contacts and they will be willing to share it with their contacts. You can then usually measure these shares or retweets quite easily to monitor how far your message goes. These kinds of campaigns often work best in relation to a current news topic.

Create a community
Encourage your followers or friends to interact with each other, as well as with you. This can build a community and within this you can then encourage greater involvement with your charity. You could also give a set of followers direct involvement, such as inviting bloggers to help with a project. They will then write about their experience and get your message out in a new way.

Tell a story
Do not be afraid to get personal. People tend to support charities they have a connection with, so by sharing the stories of the people you help you can reach out to those who are likely to want to get involved. Use pictures and videos too.

Choose carefully
If you do not see the value in a certain social media site then do not feel as though you have to use it. There is no point having a YouTube page if you are never going to post any videos. Concentrate on the sites you know you can put the time into and do well. In future you can always expand to others.

As far as possible, interact with as many of your connections as is reasonable. If you simply cannot respond to individuals then consider things such as Q&A sessions, help forums or FAQs on your website which you can easily direct people to. You should be interacting not only with those who already follow or “like” you, but also with key people in the media, celebs who have shown an interest in your efforts, politicians and so on.

Make it easy
Take a leaf out of the books of big companies and make it easy for people to share your message. If you are launching a big campaign or fundraising drive then, along with the promo materials and emails you send out, give followers a template tweet, for example, that they simply have to cut and paste.

Make yourself known
Be sure to add links to your social media profiles on your posters, adverts, flyers, email signatures, website and so on. You should be making it as straightforward as possible for people to find you.

Lyndon Ogden writes on charity matters and supports Open Arms Malawi the charity for Malawi orphans


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