How To Generate More Online Reviews Through Twitter

Social media has been playing a major role in the use of online review sites. Online review sites can be found for specific industries, such asTripAdvisor, or for general use, such asGoogle+ Local, and if your company wants to generate more online reviews, you need to allow social media to help you. One of the best social platforms to help generate reviews isTwitter, and the following are three great ways that you can easily generate more online reviews through tweeting.

More Online Reviews Through Twitter
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1. Promote your review sites through Twitter.
Twitter is a great way to share valuable information with your followers, and if you want to generate more reviews, you need to first make your audience aware of where exactly they can leave reviews on your business. Be sure to send out a few tweets every now and then with links to the review sites your company uses most often. 

You will also want to share a small tidbit of information as to where the link will lead your audience, as Twitter users are more likely to click on links that contain information on where the link leads instead of tweets that only contain links. Not only will this information be shared with your followers, but if your followers retweet the link, your site will also continue to reach more and more people.

2. Share reviews through Twitter.
Another great way to earn more online reviews is to share some of your favorite reviews through Twitter. Add the reviews as a tweet and send it out to your followers. If you know the reviewers Twitter handle, you can also mention them in the tweet. 

Along with sharing the review, you will also want to thank the individual who wrote it, and then share a link to the review site for others. Some of your followers may want to be one of the selected individuals whose reviews you post to Twitter, so it can certainly help increase traffic and reviews on your page.

3. Offer incentives.
If you really want to increase the amount of reviews left on your site, you can offer an incentive to your Twitter followers. Let them know that if they leave a review on your page, you will provide them with an incentive of your choosing. This can be anything from a gift card to your establishment, a coupon for your establishment, a mention on Twitter, a public thank you, or even a free item. 

Be sure that whatever you choose as an incentive is something that your Twitter followers would want to receive.

You need to be sure that you can prove reviews were left, so you may want your followers to send you a link to their review through Twitter or even through email. Once you’ve verified their review, you can proceed with the incentive.

Twitter can be a great asset in helping you gain more reviews on your online review site. Make sure you use these three tips, and your online review site will soon be flooded with reviews.

Jenny Hill is a marketing pro and blogger at with Review Trackers who often blogs about businesses and the ways in which they utilize technology.


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