Apply On-page SEO

The On-page SEO techniques applied to the website itself make it search engine friendly. On-page simply
refers to the optimization methods applied to the website or blog pages that will appear in the search
engine results when the user types specific search terms.

Apply On-page SEO

These methods are the first step in the optimization process when you are creating your website. Designing your website starts as early as when you are choosing your business or website name and identity. On-page SEO techniques include choosing a suitable domain name for the website, which is what users will type in their browsers to reach your website.

It also includes creating the meta tags added to the HTML code that contain information about the website,
such as its title, description, and related keywords, as well as optimizing the content heading, site content
loading speed, keywords, site navigation, and site design structure.

Although the On-page SEO techniques do not drive direct traffic to your website like the off-page SEO techniques, it makes the site content easier to reach by the search engine crawlers. It helps to categorize and index the site pages easier and faster than websites that do not apply these techniques.


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