5 Easy Ways To Beat Your Competitors When It Comes To Website Design

When you decide to build a website you will probably look at all the other sites in your industry to see what they are like. The easiest way to come up with a great design is to copy what they're doing because it must work, right? If they have been around for a while it's logical to think the people you will be targeting like that kind of design. You should try your hardest not to think like this because it will mean you trap yourself under a ceiling.

Competitors When It Comes To Website Design
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You don't want to copy what your competitors are doing because how can you expect to end up more successful than them? If you do your own thing it means you will stand out and be seen as your own entity. Far too many websites in a particular niche all look the same and it's sometimes really hard to tell the difference between each one. You still want your website to look great, so there are some things you can do to ensure its effectiveness and we'll look at them right now.

Steal from another industry

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Instead of stealing from your own industry you should steal from somewhere else. When I talk about stealing I only mean taking ideas that work and using them on your own site. You don't actually want to lift copyrighted material. Most big websites in competitive niches will have done a lot of homework in the past, so their design is going to convert visitors into customers. It's pointless trying to start on your own from scratch when you only want to look different from your competitors.

Learn how to test what works

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Throw up any old website then start testing it to see what works. Before you try to understand how this works you need to realize a great design makes you more money. It doesn't have anything to do with how pretty it is. Once you have a simple design up you can simply change certain aspects of it to see what happens to your conversion rate. You will need some A/B split-testing software, but you'll pick it up in no time.

Find out what annoys people

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Because your competitors have been around for a while they will definitely have loyal fans, but they will also have a bunch of people who hate them. You want to find these people so you can find out what they don't like about your competitors. Ask them what they don't like about the other website designs. If you're looking for these people you might want to start on forums dedicated to your industry because lots of them will hang around on there.

Ask what they want

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Just because the competition have more experience than you doesn't mean they've used their time effectively. If they haven't even spent a lot of time quizzing their readers they might not know what anyone wants. You can dig deeper and get to know people a lot better. What kind of things would they like to see in your design? If you give people what they want they will feel some kind of connection with your website that they won't get with the other ones.

Add and subtract

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This one is a little like the split-test idea, but instead of measuring conversions you will just add and subtract things when your readers start to complain about something. I said conversions were the only thing that matters, but you still don't want your site to be hated by people. 

Just because someone buys a product doesn't mean they will come back and buy again, so sometimes the lifetime value of a customer is more important than the initial sale.

Linda Phillips is an employee at Yarra Web, a company offering complete web design packages at budget friendly prices. In her free time, she indulges in baking and she makes mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies.


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