SEO & Content Marketing - Using These Two Techniques To Promote A Website

SEO and content marketing are two particularly effective promotional strategies, and by consistently adding new content to a website, a website owner can rapidly drive their website to the top of the rankings of the search engines. 
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High Quality Content

High quality content was always much more valuable than relatively low quality content, and since the two major Google algorithm updates, which are called Penguin and Panda, high quality content has become even more valuable. 

High quality content is informative and interesting, and it is designed to catch a reader's attention. In addition, high quality content isn't stuffed with keywords, yet it has a reasonable keyword density of one percent to four percent. 

Consistently Posting New Content

A website owner should consistently post new content on their website in order to raise the website's authority overall. 

Google is searching for websites that it considers to be particularly active, and the more frequently a website owner posts new content, the higher the website will rank. 

Establishing Backlinks

Since Penguin and Panda, Google has greatly raised the rankings of websites that have backlinks that were built naturally, and content marketing is the most effective method of building backlinks. 

When a website offers high quality content, people are likely to share links to that content on social media networks, blogs and other types of websites. 

Pictures And Videos

In addition to posting articles on a website, the website owner can post a large amount of pictures and videos. Interesting and funny pictures are very likely to be shared by many users on social media networks, and in addition, a picture can quickly rank high among Google's images for targeted keywords. 

Keyword Phrases

In order to optimize a website for certain keywords, a website owner should post content that tastefully includes particular keyword phrases. The keyword phrases should also be included in the description of each webpage and in the meta tags of the page. 

The Anchor Text

When a website owner posts an article, which includes a link to their website, on another webpage, they should use a targeted keyword phrase or the name of their website as the anchor text of the link. 

Purchasing Links

In the past, a website owner could swiftly establish a large amount of backlinks by purchasing links; however, Google has seriously cracked down on this practice. 

If Google's bots determine that a website owner has purchased links, the website can be penalized, and as a result, its rankings will be significantly lowered. 

Creating A New Page And A Short Summary

When a website owner posts a new article on their website, the owner should create a new 
page that is dedicated to that article, and various studies have shown that websites that have more pages will rank higher in the search engines than those that do not. 

In addition, the owner should add a short description of the new article that includes a link to the new page on the front page of their website. 

Short summaries with links will allow bots and visitors to easily navigate the website and show the search engines that the front page is consistently being updated.  

Derek Whitney is currently working for an NJ SEO company. He loves to blog about anything that has to do with SEO, user experience, and social media platforms. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, relaxing with his girlfriend, and watching the best show on television, Game of Thrones.


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