Infuse Some Creativity into Video Marketing

Is your marketing strategy feeling a little tired? Are your branding efforts looking a little been-there-done-that? It might be time for a change.

Have you given video marketing a try? If you haven’t, it is probably because you feel a bit intimidated. That hesitation is totally understandable. Not everyone harbors a secret desire to be a famous movie star!

However, there are plenty of video marketing strategies available. Find one that fits with your budget, company goals, and on-air personalities. If you need some suggestions, check out this list of eight video marketing ideas.

1. Be Completive
Run a video contest! This marketing strategy is perfect for business owners with a limited budget and zero desire to be the star of the show. Not only that, but it has great ROI potential.

Host a video contest. Encourage your customers, clients, and/or readers to submit their best entries. Then, tell each competitor to round up votes anyway they can (social media works great for this). Once you have a winning video, incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Here are just a few benefits of video contests:
  • You don’t have to do any of the work. 
  • You get a free promotional video out of the deal. 
  • Your customers will appreciate the interactive relationship. 
  • You’ll get a huge influx of new visitors/potential customers by way of voters. 
2. Pass the Mic
Video testimonials are another great option for business owners who are camera shy. Get someone else to be the on-air personality!

You probably have quite a few loyal customers. And those customers are probably more than happy to give a positive review of your business, products or services.

Check out the video testimonial Subtle Network Design & Marketing used to market their services. This is a perfect example of letting someone else shine in the spotlight.

3. Teach Something
Many people consider themselves lifelong learners.  And they don’t necessarily feel the need to enroll in formal classes.  Sometimes, watching a simple video tutorial can satisfy their craving for knowledge.

This is especially true for people who are passionate about a topic.  Create a video tutorial or a how-to learning series.  You’ll become known as an authority on the subject.  People from all the over the world will come to hear what you have to teach on the subject.

4. Demonstrate Your Capabilities
When people shop in a brick-and-mortar store, they have the opportunity to handle the product.  They look at it from various angles and analyze the quality.  When shopping with online vendors, the customer doesn’t have that opportunity.

By giving a product demonstration, you allow the consumers to get a better idea of what they intend to buy.  Here is a great example.  Microsoft gave a thorough demonstration of their new Windows 8.

5. Be Animated
Like some of the other ideas on the list, this type of video isn’t perfect for everyone.  It probably requires the assistance of a professional. 

However, that scarcity makes it even more valuable.  By doing something no one else is doing, you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

Plus, an animated video tends to be more entertaining.  And by entertaining your audience, they’re likely to forget they are being advertised to!   For example, check out the animated video made by an SEO firm in Clearwater. 

6. Induce Laughter
Is there an amusing aspect of your industry, product or business? Can you find humor in what you do on a day to day basis? If so, play it up! Be comedic. Induce laughter. Create some chuckles. Embrace the ridiculous.

For example, what do you think of when you hear the word cornhole? It’s probably not what you think it is! Watch how this company exploited the humor of their cornhole products.

7. Expose it All
Have you ever peaked through the doors of a kitchen restaurant? Were you fascinated by the little glimpse of hustle and bustle? Imagine what a no holds barred look at your daily life would do for your marketing efforts.

Take customers behind the scenes. Show them something they’ve never seen before. Check out how the band Paramore gave their fans an inside look at their video shoot.

8. Ask Questions
Again, this video marketing strategy is perfect for those who would rather stay out of sight. Grab a camera and hit the road. Ask the public for their opinion on a particular topic.

The benefits of this strategy are two-fold. First, you will get a valuable look into the lives, desires, and feelings of your potential customers. Learn how to better serve them. Second, all those people you polled will check out your video. Then, they’ll tell all their friends and family to watch too. This will drive a huge amount of traffic to your site.

What do you think? Did one of these ideas strike your fancy? Give video marketing a try. Then, come back and tell us how it went! We’d love to watch too!

Ron Barraza works for a local marketing firm. He specializes in offering online marketing tips to various niche businesses. When he isn’t working directly with clients, he is sharing his SEO tips online. If you want to connect with Ron, look him up on Google+ or Facebook.


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