Implementing Different Marketing Strategies

Different countries have their own preferences when it comes to food, clothing and other things they encounter in their daily lives.  Even small communities and villages can have a different preference from a general population of a country, a state or geographical area.  That’s where the saying “it’s hard to please everyone” applies.

For a person to live in any place, he or she should adapt to those preferences to live in harmony with the populace.  It is a matter of getting used to things around to like them.  In this context, marketing one’s self to a community is a matter of knowing what it will take to be accepted.  There are some people that are accepted but are not in demand in a locality and that could be called a false or forced acceptance that is not good for marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategies
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Marketing considerations
In marketing, complete acceptance and patronization is always the targeted result.  There is no point in marketing a service, product or idea if those goals are not the objective.  In that case, the supposed task of marketing will only be simple and pure advertising.

What are things to be considered in marketing?

The basic things to consider in marketing are as follows:
  • The culture of the people within a defined boundary or limits.  This means they will have more or less the same line of thinking, habits and preferences.
  • The basic beliefs by the majority that are not in direct contradiction to rest of those who are in the community or location.
  • Trends that keep the locality up to date.  This may involve TV shows, celebrities they idolize, sporting activities mostly followed and others that could have a large following.
  • If there is some degree of ethnicity, that could be a good consideration in marketing.
  • Identification of the real need or the high possibility of a need to arise from introducing a service, product or idea.  
Surveys and demographics
Qualitative surveys can help marketing in planning and mapping out on how to directly reach a targeted market.  It is a matter of reaching the minds of the target market that makes good for a marketing strategy.  Even if an advertisement is made for the general public, it will contain something that will stick to the minds of the targeted consumers.  An example is “use of ordinary battery will work in case recharge of original battery is not possible”.

For a survey on original battery on a device that can be substituted by ordinary dry cell batteries, it will come out to have favorable results.  Demographics will not show this alternate preference in powering devices.  It will only show probably some statistics on how many use electric service provider power and how many still rely on dry cell batteries as source of power.
A good marketing strategy will take all reliable information in reference to the above example, which could be true for some other products.  Surveys are complementary to demographics when it comes to planning and developing a strategy in marketing.

Karen Tiyre is a business owner who has spent many years creating a marketing strategy for her business.


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