Google's Fight Against Black Hat SEO

With the new Penguin updates well under way, it seems clear that Google are fighting harder than ever to combat black hat SEO tactics and make their search results as valuable as possible to general users. Penguin 2.0 is going to focus on a number of areas in the coming months and years and webmasters need to pay attention to these changes in order to stay on top and not get punished by the search giant.

Inbound links
While having a lot of inbound links will still be a good thing, this is only true if they are high quality and organically achieved. The days of churning out low quality articles in their thousands in order to produce link backs to a site are numbered as now Google will see a lot of poor quality and/or irrelevant links pointing to a site as an indication of its poor quality.

The team at Google believe that if a page is of a high quality, then it will attract links from high quality sites. This should happen naturally as it gets read, cited and passed on via social media, all indications of great content. To help boost organic, high quality links, experts suggest websites should include advanced content such as e-books, white papers and in-depth guides that will prove highly useful to readers.

Another area that is being focused on with the new updates are advertorials. While there is nothing wrong with them in of themselves, they must be clearly defined as adverts, not take the shape of an objective article that is posted in such a way that the reader cannot recognize it as an advert. Those that do partake in this black hat tactic will find themselves loosing page ranking over the coming years as Google finds new ways to detect this problem and irradiate it from their search results.

Spam sites
Another area that will be covered by Penguin 2.0 is an improvement in the on-going battle against spam sites. The team are targeting sites of particular subject matters that have a tradition of using black hat techniques in order to manipulate the search engines. The types of subjects included are ring tones, payday loans and pornography to name just a few and webmasters from these industries will have to clean up their act or face to consequences of low search rankings.

How the changes will help honest webmasters
The penguin 2.0 updates are not just geared towards fighting against black hat users, they also have aspects that are there to help more honest webmasters. They intend to make several improvements to their Webmaster Tools function over the coming months  including providing greater help to those who have had their site hacked.  While they are a long way off eradicating this problem, they will offer improvements on identifying when a site has being hacked and ways to limit the damage once it has.

They are also introducing ways to help webmasters grow their niche authority. By consistently producing high quality content on a given niche, webmasters will be able to grow a reputation that will, over time, give authority to any new work they publish. 

So if you have been posting on a subject for years and regularly get shared and linked to by high quality sites, you can get Google juice and recognition for new posts straightaway as your brand and reputation have already been built.

Alex Itsios is an internet marketer and seo expert. He owns SEO Projects, an seo services company in Greece.


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