Effective SEO tactics for 2013

Search engine optimization will never stop but exists with its new trends depending on the changes in search engine algorithms. Search Engine Optimization is an incremental process and always needs some modifications to your web page due to the changes in Google algorithms. It is necessary to modify the SEO techniques according to the changes in search engines algorithms, so as to maintain your websites ranking or to rank well in search engine results. In this article, there are some of the tips which must be followed in 2013.

  • Mobile search: Due to the incredible increase in use of mobile phones, smart phones by the users, it has become necessary to build a mobile friendly website as these users use to browse internet on these phones and the size of the website which most of the owners made is according to the desktops which can’t be opened properly on these small sized screen phones. These phones have much smaller screen size and unique applications for browsing the internet. Therefore, it is necessary to build a responsive website design which can easily be opened on all the devices of different sizes. Creating such a site will bring more traffic to your site. 
  • Quality content matters: Remember that the content you are writing on your site or for any other promotional activity is for the users not for search engines. However, it is true that search engines want qualitative and unique content. Search engines penalize the sites having duplicate content, so for new trends in SEO, it is necessary to keep on updating your content and maintain its quality. 
  • Keywords in headings, title tags, body and Meta description: You must use at least one keyword in headings, title tag and Meta description but don’t overstuff it with the keywords.

  • Internal linking: Do internal linking on all your posts. Ensure that your link contains keywords. Don’t link the same keywords more than 2 times. If you are linking with other website, then ensure that you are linking to a good site and not a spam site.
  • Easy navigation: Ensure that user is able to navigate your website easily. If the user is not able to find for the information which he/she is searching for, then he will skip from your website and you will lose your potential customer. Therefore, make navigation easy by including two site maps- one for search engine and other for users.
  • Include keyword in Domain name: Make sure that you include keyword in domain name, so that your site becomes SEO friendly. This not only makes your site search engine friendly, but will make the name of your pages, easy to remember.
Conclusion: It is important to work with that SEO Company who follow the updated SEO trends to rank well in search engine results and consequently helps in business growth.


  1. Hi.. This SEO tactics are really effective and i have implement this all points in my SEO strategy. I am thankful to you for providing us this wonderful article.

  2. Agreed with this SEO tactics, already using and implement in my search engine optimization. Also like to suggest other webmaster to follow the same. Thanks for sharing your useful and helpful insight with us. Keep sharing.


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