Effective SEO strategies for your WordPress blog

WordPress largely dominates the internet with a host of bloggers using this blogging service to reach out to their audiences. WordPress is not just designed for bloggers. It is a versatile service that caters to Internet businesses as well as official company websites. 

A business can use this platform to sell their products and rake in profits. WordPress is for people who are highly knowledgeable about the technical aspect involved in the creation of websites. At the same time, it is also an excellent platform for the technologically challenged. 

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You do not need to be a master in HTML or CSS to operate and run your own website using WordPress. The best way to optimize your blog or website powered by WordPress is to follow some simple SEO strategies, suggests a best SEO Company. 

1.) Titles:
It is always advisable to shun the basic URL and select the Custom URL whenever you wish for your site name to appear first. This is crucial because it is the title of your URL that will garner maximum attention and will be crawled by Google and other such search engines. You must make sure that the name of your site is always the priority. This will give excellent results in the long run. 

2.) Tags:
It goes without saying that adding tags is one of the smartest tactics a WordPress blogger or website owner could use. Tags and Keywords have similar functions and help the search engines to crawl your site more effectively. However, it is essential that you do not stuff your post with unnecessary tags that are not relevant to the post or the page of the website. If you try to use unethical methods for your website, Google’s Penguin 2.0 may simply ban your website. 

3.) Page Title:
It is crucial that you add the most relevant keyword to your title to help get better attention from search engines. Having an appropriate page title can work wonders for your pages. 

4.) Titles for the post:
Just like the main URL title and page title, post titles also play a very important role. However, people tend to misuse this feature and stuff the title with keywords, thus making it look unnatural. It is important that you shirk this step and use ethical practices making your post title look natural and enticing. 

5.) Use of Autolinks:
When you write a new post, there may be some points that may be relevant to the older posts. In such a situation, it is important to link these two posts together. This not only helps a reader to understand the situation and get a clear gist of the things that you are trying to convey, it also enables more traffic and visibility. This is one of the most common SEO tricks that most website owners and bloggers adhere to. However, it is advisable to not overdo it as your website or blog can come under the radar for malpractices. 

6.) Using Google Sitemaps:
You can inform Google about the pages that you deem most important and the pages that the search engine giant must try to display in search results. This can be done using the Google Sitemaps. With this versatile tool, you can index your site with ease and expect great results. 

7.) Filing posts under categories:
It is always wise to have your posts filed under a category that best describes the content of your post. This will ensure that the search engines display your results when a user wishes to search for a post belonging to a particular category, points out an expert. 

Author’s bio:Clara McGraw is an SEO expert who works for the best SEO Company in her city. She is fascinated by the idea of using internet for the purpose of marketing. She is also an animal lover and frequently takes her kids to the zoo. She is a coffee addict and loves to listen to good music.


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  3. Using auto links to relevant pages of a site is a good way to tell search engine that your website is informative to users; every aspect of a site should be optimized whether its title, tags or content, but everything should look natural.


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