Do you need a professional website designer best friend?

In short the answer is inevitably, yes. It will of course cost you money but it will be money well spent, and certainly not as much as you may imagine. Website design trends come and go, as to do consumer trends. You have to remember that a website is a business tool, nothing more and nothing less. A website is a virtual ‘shop window’ to show off your products and services. As technology, viewing devices and design trends evolve a website must also evolve. To remain static and unchanging is an assured route into retail oblivion.

Like a jigsaw web design Tamworth by CocoonFX Media connects all the pieces perfectly
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons: Amada44

A big puzzle

A website design, according to the web designTamworth by CocoonFX team, should reflect the goals of the business. The design should also be a fully integrated seamless experience for the website visitor, and should be flexible enough to grow as the business grows with it. A design which is easily adapted from one page to another as new products and services are added to the business is essential.

Think of it akin to the parts of a website being like a jigsaw; to complete the picture, all the pieces have to interlock perfectly to reach a satisfactory conclusion. A pro website designer by definition is on top of all the latest design trends, back end apps and other elements of the puzzle which include:
  • On page content
  • E-commerce stores
  • Interactive web forms
  • On page instant messaging
  • Content management systems
  • Front and back end coding (Java, HTML5, CSS3, XML, etc.)

Design trends

As with everything, trends come and go; this is just as much a truism in web design as it is in fashion, TV programming and politics. Research shows some interesting trends emerging, not least responsive layouts.

Responsive layouts 

You’re going to hear a lot more about responsive layouts as we speed through 2013 and beyond. Emerging in 2011 this particular trend has gathered momentum in recent months. Website design must give consideration for making websites accessible to many differing digital devices including: 
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Smartphones

Additionally, Google Glass is another digital device which will be available to consumers in 2014 and beyond. Similarly, it appears that Google has a wrist watch type device which is reported to be in development for release at some point in the near future. As increasing numbers of consumers acquire portable digital devices to surf the web, and the web becomes more mobile, this is a trend web designers will have to incorporate in future website design.

QR codes

Another website design trend which is now being seen on increasing numbers of websites is QR codes. It is a form of barcode which, when scanned by a Smartphone will take the individual direct to a website without the need to type an address.

These trends are here now and will continue to evolve. New trends in design will emerge, and it is for this reason alone that a professional web designer is your best friend.

Web design is part graphic design, part technical knowledge, part understanding current consumer trends, design trends and emerging trends. In order to fit the puzzle pieces together, a pro web designer has all the pieces and a complete picture to know how to fit the pieces together seamlessly, efficiently and correctly.


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