Celebrity Endorsements through Social Media

Social Media Marketing these days are in demand and quickly becoming a go-to-marketing strategy for both large and small companies and organizations. Recently, Celebrities are used to create a buzz for upcoming launches and events that would be needing audiences that are interested in it. Celebrity endorsements are "in" right now and that’s just a part of social media marketing.

However, Social Media influencers' credibility is questioned by brands and companies. A number of celebrities have many followers on Twitter and Facebook, but not all of their followers are users who facilitate conversation about the brand over their respective platforms. 

Not all have high CTR's (click-through-rates) and this maybe unfavorable to brands that want to use influencers for their product. There are still ways to make the campaign successful. It’s just a matter of picking the right influencers to communicate the marketing message to their audience.

One key for success is the credibility of the influencer. This can generate hype about the product that is being endorsed. Matching celebrities to specific products for endorsements can arouse the interest of users and customers, regardless if they are a fan of the celebrity or not. By sharing the same interests and sparking conversations with the audience, they establish an authentic connection with them by disguising endorsements as recommendations. 

These recommendations are credible in a sense that a celebrity would not just recommend any products that would harm them. This can bring the user experience to a whole new level and ultimately persuade a potential customer into purchasing a product. 

This can also drive traffic to various advertising links and help your social media marketing campaigns. Celebrities post the link through their social media accounts and users will be intrigued in what the influencer had posted, clicking it and in the process, would likely view it or even comment and share it.

In summation, using celebrities as catalysts for genuine conversations online will not only boost its popularity and web presence, but will also give brands an opportunity to generate sales from new and returning clients.


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