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iContact is an industry-leading provider of email marketing software. They have well in excess of 600,000 users and are trusted by small businesses, entrepreneurs and even Fortune 500 companies the world over. Email marketing is the ideal way to educate your customers, as well as allowing them to see you products and services first hand. However, you now have the opportunity to complete an email marketing campaign straight from your iPhone.

iContact Email Marketing

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The iContact Email Marketing app makes it easy for you to complete any number of email-related tasks. You have the ability to add contacts to your email lists, preview your emails before sending them out, and you can even use iContact's vast array of tools to track how successful your email campaign has been no matter where you are.


  • If you happen to be at a networking event, conference, or even a trade show you can quickly and easily add email contacts to your already growing list.
  • You have the ability to preview any emails you may have drafted before sending them out.
  • You can choose to either send an email out immediately or simply schedule it to go at an alternative time.
  • You have access to the many great email marketing tools that iContact offer, so you can track your messages to see who opens them, any emails that have bounced, as well as any clicks received during your current campaign.
  • You can also forward these tracking results to anyone you wish via email, so you may need to share this information with others in the company, and this can be achieved with one click of a button.
  • You still have access to iContact's full customer support from the iPhone app - simply one tap of your phone can let you call or email iContact's support team.


The iContact Email Marketing app can be found in the Business category of iTunes and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, if you wish to use the app via iPod touch this must be done with a Wi-Fi connection. The app will require an operating system of iOS 3.1 or later is completely free to download.

There have been a number of new additions in the latest update and these include:
  • You have the ability to add new or existing customers to any particular email list you wish. You can see exactly what contacts are included on any given list, as well as being able to view a health chart of all your email lists.
  • You can now resend old messages directly from your iPhone.
  • You can still continue to use the app while other items are being loaded to the app, such as new contacts.
  • You can customize the home screen to your own preferences.
  • The full tracking facility is now available on the iPhone app.
  • The user interface is far more stable in terms of dealing with your messages before and after they have been sent.
  • You now have the ability to use the app in either landscape or portrait mode.
Foster Bob is a blogger and works for, an online marketing company based in Canada. He has been working on targeted email lists to meet his customers’ requirements.


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