5 Best Marketing Strategy Ideas

For small businesses, the million dollar question is always “how do I get the most out of my marketing on a shoestring budget?” More for less is the holy grail of internet marketing, and social media is your best friend as you embark on your grail quest.

1. Socialize!
It’s not as easy as it sounds, is it? It takes time to post on Facebook, to Tweet, and to follow the people who follow you. It’s also one of the best ways you can invest in building a community of steadfast customers. In addition, it’s the only place we know of where you have access to free market research! Follow your customers on Twitter and Facebook and watch the comments roll in—about what they like in life, what they don’t, what vendor troubles they have, what makes them smile… and then use it.

2. Socialize Again.
In person, turn your business into an event. Add food and/or adult beverage if you have a license. Make it a summer party, and your customers will flock to see what you have to offer. Advertise the event on all your social media channels, offer targeted promotions, and reap the benefits for weeks to come.

3. Leverage LinkedIn.
… and other less-obvious social networking resources, like Tumblr or Instagram. You’ll broaden your base and find access to tools that let you cross-post to multiple feeds at once—Instagram, for example, lets you post the same picture and comment to Facebook, Twitter, and more with the push of one button.

LinkedIn in particular gives you access to other professionals with similar interests and can position you as an industry expert. Join as many groups as you can, post a question or a tip on a regular basis, and post announcements to your LinkedIn groups when you release a new blog post or newsletter issue.

4. Blog Tour.
Like a book tour for your blog, you never have to leave your desk for the publicity benefits of this one. Get outside your usual niche and get discovered far and wide. Contact bloggers and ship out a product or t-shirt, then ask them to do a contest with their viewers. Use your social media outlets and/or your own blog to point your followers to every blog that hosts a contest for you. A rising tide lifts all ships.

5. Bond with Other Businesses.
Offer discounts or employee incentives for other hometown businesses—or even larger operations like the big box stores. Call company headquarters and ask if you can be part of their version of an employee perks program. Let them know what the discount is and they’ll let their people know. Just remember to send out a coupon with a “must show employee ID” and an “end” date.

And One to Grow On…
…Our best social media advice? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t give up on direct mail marketing—instead, create a Winning Direct Mail Package that’s part of your larger marketing campaign. One very simple tip for you to follow: make sure you have addresses printed on your envelopes or invest in some roll labels instead of handwriting your envelopes; this creates a much more professional and serious looking item, which is better for a first impression. 

Blog, Facebook, Tweet, and do everything else you do strategically, with calls to action and killer content. Want to know more? Check out Social Media Examiner’s 26 Content Marketing Tips from the Pros to dive in deeper.

Whatever you do, keep tabs on what works and what doesn’t. Use your analytics tools to see where you’re getting the most bang for your buck, and do more of that. Cast a broad net, but spend the majority of your time on things that work the best for your unique situation, product, and market. And never give up! We’re in a brave new world of free marketing options. Enjoy it.

About the Author: Ericka is a business coach who generally helps start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. In her spare time, she can usually be found in her lounge writing up blog posts.


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