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Online marketing is the fastest growing marketing strategy in the world, where You tube is a website that has crossed limits in marketing of products, as well as it is considered to be the second most popular search engine . It has become the most known website for businesses for promoting their products and services. 

You tube marketing and advertising fits well with media, offering video, that starts with stratigraphy, apprehending, creating, producing and delivering videos for leading brands. 

Unfortunately, everybody does not get the targeted success. For them there are few tips to attain that success.

Top 5 ways to maximize you tube marketing:

  • While creating a video, make sure that you are more specific and measured about the keywords. There are a specific words that viewer put in, to search for the videos. The goal should be to create a video which is significant, interesting that catches the viewer, that drives your ideas and clients. The motive should be to answer viewers frequently asked question. 
  • Not every business promotion fits on youtube. Suppose you do not have enough to demonstrate about the product then its not worth to create it. The best way is, when you create a video, provide the best possible information about your product and and promote your url in the video
  • There are three popular goals of videos: marketing, educating or entertaining. Try to show maximum advantages of your product, your company or organization whatever you are promoting; in a very short span of time. That shows your marketing skills and if possible be entertaining that holds your customer to the video. For example if you are running a hotel and want to promote it, then the target should to show best room, food, facilities that attract the viewers.
  • Keep a regular check on your number of viewers, don't be negative if you see any bad comment. Always be ready for both types of feedback 'negative or positive'. All that matters in you tube is number of subscriptions and likes. You tube has some powerful analytics that will let you know who is watching your video and how they locate the video. Whenever you post a video, you should create a blog post to present your opinion as well as it helps in knowing your viewers opinion about the video. 
  • Viewers get attracted to controversial videos on You tube. However make sure that you provide some quality information and few marketing clips. Every video you upload is eligible to be a video response to some video. Find some related videos in your niche and if appropriate, post a video response using one of your videos.
Conclusion: Marketing is a skill. Be it an informative video or an entertaining video, the motive behind producing any video should fulfill the expectation in terms of publicity, endorsement, making money or entertainment.

By creating content that evoke with your audience, building up a branded channel and using bulletins and ads, you will increase the output through online videos. However, this is just the start of increasing your online visibility through YouTube marketing. 

You can also go through some popular books to gain enough knowledge about you tube marketing before you produce any video.
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  1. I agree with it that while creating a video for business, then it must be designed in specific manner and must contain all the information regarding your video title. It’s not enough to create a video, we have to post it on YouTube and other social sites. Proper optimization on YouTube is also very necessary to generate more traffic.


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