Why do Facebook Consider Hashtags as Important?

Yes, again another bit of announcement from the social giant and this time they are coming up with the old favorites of Twitter that is the hash tag onto the sites of Facebook. Now it has been the biggest question that whether hash tag will gain the same importance in Facebook as happened in Twitter. Apart from the general conversations of whether to take the side of Facebook or Twitter, this sudden introduction of Facebook could be the best move for the people who love Facebook the most; they are the advertisers. 

So, this must be the question among all that whether the use of Hash Tags would make any difference in your Facebook account? Would that make any difference to your facebook page? I know that must be the common question among all. Well, let us just take a look at its potential impact: 

Hash Tags do help in Facebook Advertising: If this special feature of hash tag be ever introduced into facebook, then the advertisers would be benefitted the most. The use of paid promotion of hash tags would be beneficial the most. 

So, let us just take a look how Facebook consider Hash Tags to be Important:

1 Paid Promotion of Hash Tags: This must be the biggest question one may have that whether using hash tags would make any difference on your advertising strategies of your site? Would that make any impact on your current ads? Well, if this is the same question being going on in your mind too, then I must say that yes it will. Probably, the most popular way to use hashtags in your advertising world is that it will categorize your business in the same fields and under a particular category and that is going to be the biggest benefit for all advertisers too. They can get the same category advertisings under one roof. Isn't that Interesting enough? Huh? 

2 Keep a Trail of your Targeted Customers: This is absolutely true that Hash Tags work as Trackers and also helps the internet marketers to keep a trail about the visitors and target audiences that are visiting their sites. This would also include general public that are involving themselves into your site’s pages. This is infact the most superb fact about Hashtags and why Facebook should give importance to it as given earlier by Twitter. With the introduction of Hash Tags, it can actually analyze what customers are thinking about your posts and what are the most common trends among them that they are following. 

3 Hash Tags co-relate with SEO Keywords: Yes, whenever we talk about Search Engine Optimization, the first and foremost thing that comes up to mind is the use of keyword and the best way to optimize your best and professional smm company site so that it gets indexed in the search engine at a faster rate. For internet marketers, the use of keywords more effectively and appropriately would result in a better rank in Google’s SERP. 

Similarly, facebook hash tags do work in a similar way. Hash Tags make your keyword ro fall into a particular category and the business pages or brands can be categorized into a particular conversation thread being read by the people with the same interest on a particular subject. 

4 Using Hash Tags do help in Brand Promotion: It becomes easier for the brand to analyze their professional work and do check up where their business stands in customers eyes. This can be caught from the level of feedback that they are getting from their sites. Their words may work as potential feedbacks, thus making hash tag an important factor in assimilating the reviews of the product into Facebook. 

However, it has been noticed that Hash Tags do work well for Twitter and it would certainly gain a significant position among Facebook users too. However, Facebook users do think of releasing it for Facebook newsfeed for the time being and this will definitely act as a bridge between internet marketers and its respective clients where they can actually interact among themselves regarding their products and can keep a good track of the recent worldwide trends. 

About Author: Sarmista Aun is a Professional Search Engine and Social Media Strategists. She works in a leading SEO Company in India and provides essential SEO and SMO Tips through her researched works. For more information, please CLICK HERE. She is also a professional blogger.


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