Virtual Assistant Recruitment Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re earning part time or 100 percent of your income online, there is no denying that the amount of work that needs to be accomplished daily is no laughter matter. It’s irrelevant that you’re able to work anywhere there’s an internet connection. Having an online career is the same with any other career; the more success you aspire, the more time and effort it will demand from you. At some point, if you’re able to climb the ladder consistently, you’ll need a virtual assistant. Moreover, if there’s anything I've learned in working full time online for 3 years, is that the quality of virtual assistant you’ll most likely hire depends on your readiness with your recruitment process.

That’s why, as online entrepreneurs, most of us have dealt with inconsistent online employees once or twice in our career. For it not to happen again, here’s an infographic that should serve as your virtual assistant recruitment cheat sheet. It contains the lessons I’ve learned over the years. Having this cheat sheet or checklist, should ensure that your virtual assistant recruitment process goes smoothly.

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