Video Marketing Mastery: Where To Look For Content Inspiration

Some entrepreneurs bemoan the fact that creating videos can help you fortify your brand more quickly than other content creation channels. Writing blog posts or articles does not pack the same punch as seeing a living, breathing person deliver a heartfelt message through a medium which heavily appeals to your senses. Videos help you gain the trust of your target audience too. 

A fair number of prospective video creators complain about lacking ideas through which these folks can create compelling videos. Use these tips to tap into an infinite flow of video topics.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups provide you with unlimited video ideas. Hop onto multiple niche specific groups and take notes on the popular topics of the day. Your video ideas flow to you in the form or problems or issues faced by individuals who are interested in your product or service. By listing Facebook group status updates you can quickly see where you might be able to provide content solutions through your videos with the problems being experienced by your ideal prospects. Videos that provide solutions to problems will always be well-received and there is no shorage of problems to be solved.

LinkedIn Groups

Use a similar approach on LinkedIn groups, sifting through updates to select ideas which you can turn into informative, targeted videos. Patiently work your way through LinkedIn updates to gauge popular topics from within your niche. Eliminate spam by focusing only on helpful, usable content topics and build your videos on similar topics. You can also dial in to the pain points expressed by individuals. You might see a random update of some LinkedIn user who feels overwhelmed by the sea of opportunities flooding into their inbox and LI stream each day. Maybe you can create a video sharing 4 tips which help you select a legitimate home business.


Twitter provides you with a steady flow of prospering video ideas if you choose to use niche specific lists. Setting up lists relevant to your industry helps you tap into a go to source of rich, pertinent information germane to your targeted niche. Follow your lists daily to find out what your fellow tweeters are chatting about. Take notes on popular topics and create your videos based on these in demand topics to ride the wave of lead generating video content. You can also check out your public stream to receive ideas from outside of your niche which can still be applicable to your target audience.

The Moment

Life itself provides you with an unending stream of video ideas if you practice being present and observing the lesson being presented to you. You can simply look outside of your window to receive infinite video creation ideas as nature is the perfect teacher. Document interactions with individuals regarding your personal or business dealings and use these circumstances to build correlations before your life and your video audience to strike an emotional chord with your prospects. Many people have experienced similar situations and can instantly resonate with the topic being discussed through your videos.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who has blogged about all things online and offline video marketing from where to get fast turnaround media to how to increase confidence in front of the camera. 


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