Undeniable Facts About YouTube

Did you know that we about half a billion users visit YouTube each month? Add to the fact that that figure only accounts to unique visitors makes it all the more impressive! YouTube, a video hosting and sharing site that was launched by 3 former PayPal employess in 2005, is now the undisputed video ital.tal of the internet. Of course, we all know the the story goes and how it was acquired by Google and became the behemoth it is now. In fact, it is so much used by so many people that it’s now threatening TV!

YouTube’s phenomenal growth and the expected explosion that still lies ahead makes it a wonderful vehicle for marketers. Video marketing is now at the forefront of marketers’ priority list because of its efficacy to drive traffic and raise a market’s awareness towards a product or a service. Look at the exciting figures that YouTube has posted about its presence on the internet for the entire world to see.

Video marketing

Steve C. Balzer is a digital marketer who originally is from the direct selling industry. He has over 10 years of experience in selling Amway products through offline marketing methods. He thought his personal business would have him set for life until he came across this Internet marketing site filled with valuable insight about online marketing. 


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