Social media tips for SEO regarding your website

Social media presents a great platform for businesses to connect with people and garner a huge following through it and thus making headway in getting prospective leads that can help them in their endeavour. This is possible because social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are very popular amounting to more than a billion and 500 million users respectively. To add to this, 42% marketers report that Facebook is critical to their businesses.

Which social networking sites are suitable for businesses? 

There are a lot of social networking sites that cater to the needs of specific target audiences. Here are a few sites that target specific audiences and businesses can capitalize on these diverse targets on the specific social networking sites mentioned here, selectively.

1. Facebook 
Facebook users are mostly in the 18-24 age group and sign up to connect with their friends who are glued to this site. They post everything on their statuses like the activities they are up to; the pictures they post can be about the last night out with friends or a recent outing they had been to or a new upmarket or fancy restaurant they had been to or the new designer wear they got their hands on or new gadgets they bought and so on.

2. Twitter 
Twitter users are normally signed up to have a peek into their favourite celebrities’ life such as the upcoming events and concerts they become a part of, the upcoming releases of albums or movies, the brand endorsements they become party to and various other updates. Here, usually the number of followers garnered is synonymous with the total fanbase the celebrity has. This gives a vague idea of what the people here are for.

3. Wordpress 
The people on WordPress are bloggers - both amateurs and professionals. They are on the constant lookout for other bloggers posting rich quality content that is necessarily poetry or essays or other content that they find fascinating. Bloggers here are traffic hungry.

Some SEO tips about what the businesses can do to profit from these social media sites

    1. There is no need to be abusive. Businesses can be outspoken, but should be quick to respond to criticisms with careful choice of words that ease tensions. If they disagree with someone, usage of some form of flattery at first can be considered or they may be at the receiving end of a slew of hateful messages and thus, lose followers. 
  • 2. Free gifts can be offered- people here do not reject freebies. 
  • 3. Hitting ‘like’ on people’s profiles and going on a following spree is advised. This makes people to follow them back and they can thus gain popularity on the social medium such as WordPress. 
  • 4. They should be regular at posting content that relates to the audience - this way they can stay connected to their prospective or loyal customers. 
  • 5. Interaction with the audience is advised, by way of engaging them in conversation or contests - this gives a human feel to the businesses profile.
The article has dealt with a lot of tips. But, the businesses should make sure the code they have built their website upon using offshore PHP development is consistent with the SEO needs and can produce fruitful results in their endeavour.
Author Bio: Carl Mathers is a recruiter at a company that deals with offshore PHP development. He regularly helps clients recruit offshore PHP programmers to build and maintain websites.


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